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Make The Impossible Possible… With Store Manager for PrestaShop (Interview)

Today, eCommerce expert Oksana Semenyuk, CMO at eMagicOne, will try to give solutions to the most common issues that online store owners face worldwide. Oksana’s thoughts and experience can become very useful for online merchants dealing with daily store management routines.

Q: So how long have you been in eCommerce?

A: I started my journey in eCommerce in 2006 when our company designed the first Store Manager prototype for web platforms that were popular those days. Ever since that time I’ve been dealing with online websites and their owners, going through hard times with them and assisting them in their success.

eMagicOne company has been working with PrestaShop for 8 years by now (since 2009) and during this time we have implemented an abundance of top-notch features with each new version of Store Manager. We’ve earned some of the highest honor in the industry - Store Manager was recognized as the Best Module at Barcamp 5, NY in 2012. We’ve been awarded as PrestaShop’s Favorite in 2016. We’re extremely proud to be the Loyal PrestaShop partner for 6 years this far (since 2011). What’s the most important, we’ve acquired thousands of clients, and this fact inspires us to grow and succeed.

Q: Why Store Manager? What are your strong sides?

A: The main point of our development progress is listening to customers. We are open to our clients and try to do things that seem impossible at first sight. That’s where our most valued features come from.

For example, we have seen that customers have issues with mass editing like applying changes in bulk to run seasonal sales (discounted prices for limited period of time), make smart prices, like 9.99 or 1649 or create some discounts for tricky filtered items (e.g. use special prices before St. Patrick's day for all green goods). For the mentioned purposes we have introduced Mass Changer tool, and since that time we are constantly improving bulk updates functionality.

I am convinced that lots of store owners face the same issues, so we try to think more complex solving such cases. As a result, we offer a scope of features that resolve tones of difficulties that all store owners face sooner or later.

Those small but helpful features make customers choose our product again and again.

Q: What is the most mind-blowing feature?

A: The most mind-blowing feature is the ability to work offline, without the Internet. For example, flying between the continents or being on the ocean cruise you have plenty of free time. You can spend it focusing on your website, performing tasks like content creation or product editing, instead of wasting precious hours on movies and games. You should give it a try. It is really unbelievable experience.

Q: What are the most common tasks handled with Store Manager?

A: The most widely-used feature is data import/export. No matter if you’re migrating between versions, platforms or you’re syncing data from supplier, you face the issues related to file format and data structure.

Unfortunately, when we’re talking about auto-generated files, they are very often formatted or even delimited improperly. In most cases, the supplier has no clue what PrestaShop file format is and often does not care about specific data format you need after all. So you get XML files or Excel file with improper format and you have no idea where to start from.

Nevertheless, those spreadsheets with information should be pushed into PrestaShop. From our side, we should do everything possible to automate the process of data adjustment, upload and update.

As for the export feature, it is mainly used to export data to another online store, eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, etc.

With the help of Store Manager, you can set up multiple synchronization scenarios without any extra charges. No fee per transaction or period of usage. We offer one-time payment for lifetime usage.

Q: What are your weak sides?

A: First of all, I want to express gratitude to customers, who point us to the aspects that should be improved. The biggest barrier at the moment is MAC version. We have tons of requests concerning Store Manager for PrestaShop that can be used on MAC and we are finally moving towards Apple users. This year we have started its development, so more merchants will be able to use our software soon.

Q: What are the most challenging requests from users right now?

A: We are constantly receiving requests like “I want to import from the site by URL but have no access to the site data.“ or “How can I copy the whole website content to PrestaShop” or “I want to grab data from my old website.” Those requests were quite challenging for us, but we did our best to assist customers. Recently we’ve completed working on a tool for data scraping, so we will be able to handle those requests as well. So if you want to test it right now, please contact our support team.

Q: What are the funniest cases you remember?

A: Having at least 50 requests a day for many years, there is a place for some funny stories that happened with us and with our products. For example, there were some customers in the chat who asked us to stand on the chair and sing a song or something like that. And that was not the 1st of April.
I’d say if you have a good sense of humor, and you’re doing your work with good mood and attitude, your customers feel that and answer you the same way.

Q: What are your recommendations for store owners?

A: Maintaining online store is a process, rather than a project. Think about automation all the time. If you have done the same task at least twice, you should consider if there’s any way to schedule it, setup cron job, apply a rule on a hook, event, etc. Stay focused on things that bring you sales and allow techs to take care about all the routine. This way success will be your final point.

In the end, I want to say “thank you” to PrestaShop team and PrestaShop community for such a great opportunity to collaborate, go further and reach higher eCommerce goals.

"Dealing with eCommerce projects as CMO, I see trends and opportunities every day, and I will gladly share them with you."

"In love with eCommerce."

Oksana Semenyuk,
CMO at eMagicOne