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eMagicOne Celebrates Store Manager for PrestaShop 8th Anniversary

Another year has passed and eMagicOne approaches to another milestone. This week marks a remarkable event for us, the 8th anniversary since the first copy of PrestaShop Store Manager was sold.

prestashop sale anniversary

That was just a starting point and afterwards Store Manager became a rocket with popularity on upward trajectory. It has been an astounding run, lasting nine full years and we hope will be doing its best further.

The application evolved to meet the changing needs of eCommerce business. Within this time we’ve implemented abundance of top-notch new features within each new version of Store Manager. We’ve earned some of the highest honor in the industry - Store Manager was recognized as Best Module at Barcamp 5, NY in 2012. We’ve been awarded as PrestaShop’s Favorite in 2016. And we’re proud to be Loyal PrestaShop partner since 2011. What’s the most important, we’ve acquired thousands of clients, inspiring us to grow and succeed.

In Numbers: Facts about Store Manager on 8th Anniversary


The number of official releases delivered to Store Manager community users.


The figure stands for the number of new features that have been implemented to Store Manager.


The amount of improvements, Store Manager has been enhanced with, during these 9 years.


The number of languages Store Manager is translated to completely or translation is in progress.


The number of addons, coming with Store Manager, using which you can fulfill integration with accounting software, additional sales channels and help automate daily tasks.

=800 000=

The number of products, the largest PrestaShop store, managed with Store Manager includes.


The number of Facebook likes we got from users.

=35 648=

The number of customer requests handled over this time.

Our ongoing growth wouldn’t be a success without the support of our valued and loyal users. We’d like to express gratitude to all of you in honour of Store Manager birthday.

Thank you for staying with us!