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How to Create PrestaShop Orders via POS (Point-of-Sale) [Video]

PrestaShop POS feature of Store Manager application helps you instantly create orders, use hotkeys to fill in necessary fields, supports barcode scanner and makes overall order handling more efficient.

PrestaShop order creation in POS

The video tutorial below demonstrates how PrestaShop POS works, what way products can be added to orders, how to calculate change, how to apply coupons, etc.

In order to launch point-of-sale window, navigate to Store->Point of Sale or press F11 hotkey. Further you are supposed to proceed with the following actions:

  1. Add necessary product or products to order.
  2. Product can be added to order in several ways:
    • you can enable search through any product fields (like reference, condition, date available, description, status, product ID, price, visibility and other);
    • you can scan its code using barcode reader;
    • you can expand entire list of products in POS and select necessary items
  3. Assign customer selecting it from the dropdown list in Customer info section.
  4. On condition that desired customer does no exist at PrestaShop database, you can create it directly from POS window.
  5. Specify delivery and payment methods.
  6. Assign status for current order in PrestaShop POS window.
  7. In case discount should be applied to current order total, select necessary one from Coupon code dropdown.
  8. There is a set additional options, like "Cash and Change", "Search Product", "Create and Stay", "Create and Exit", "Create and Print" below on the toolbar. These allow you calculate change, create and print invoices directly from PrestaShop POS window, create orders and stay in point-of-sale window for next order, etc.
  9. Finish order creating in point-of-sale pressing "Create and Stay", "Create and Exit" or "Create and Print".

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