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Diving Into eCommerce [Animated]

We love good jokes, that is why April Fool’s Day is one of our favorite holidays.

This year we have decided not to make any pranks, just wanted to show our vision how the life of eCommerce entrepreneurs may look like.

Choosing the right platform that fits your needs

Nothing can distract you from managing your store

Multi-tasking, is it always good?

When you ask your developer to make some simple update and he is too creative

The way you think your store will look after update

... and how it actually looks after update

Trying to make your design flexible

Flushing website cache

Forgetting to test 'Add to cart' button

Spending money not very wisely. Remember - budget is never too large.

Making the same mistakes. Use someone's bad experience - Google before making actions.

Receiving the first sale

When something goes wrong and you have no backup

Waiting till your import ends

Offering free shipping

Viewing competitor's site

Having to update inventory at 5 am

Deleting outdated inventory

Finding the bug unexpectedly

Trying to figure out what is wrong without reading documentation

Searching for solution to issues on forum boards and threads

Asking developer why problem has happened

Testing new extension

Experiencing functionality limitation

Getting new loyal client

Missing Black Friday sale

Feeling very tired at the end of working day

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