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Store Manager for PrestaShop Presented at PrestaShop Meetup in Buenos Aires

PrestaShop meetups are really amazing eCommerce events that bring together the whole of PrestaShop landscape, including employees, developers, storekeepers and industry executives. Each of these meetups gives its participants an opportunity to share experience, insights, dwell on challenges and provide suggestions, exchange the ideas and discuss success stories.

None of PrestaShop users would deny jumping in meetup attendance, get valuable experience and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies. And one of our loyal customers proves it. Alejandro Cafiero was lucky enough to visit PrestaShop Meetup, that took place in Argentina, Buenos Aires on June, 12.

We were pleasantly surprised when Alejandro contacted us and informed that he had presented Store Manager for PrestaShop at this event. The application, we have developed was shown to such an audience, we are really delighted!

prestashop meetup argentina

We asked Alejandro to share his impressions and he gladly agreed. We also asked him some general questions, that might be interested for store owners and those, who are planning to start selling over the Internet.

- Alejandro, what encouraged you to do eCommerce and how did you get involved into selling online?

I started doing eCommerce because I saw great opportunity in selling our products online. We have our online store since 2011, and here in Argentina eCommerce was just taking off. Four years later we are still making progress, but we have a long way to go. People are losing the fear to buy online. And PrestaShop helps in this regard, providing a secure and friendly way for doing business online. Our online presence helps our customers to get to know the products they are about to buy (prices, quality, benefits, and so on), both online and on our physical, “bricks and mortar” store. In this regard, we also see our web as a means to “educate” our clients, and for sharing useful information.

- How did you feel when the first sale was made at your store and what can you advise store owners who just started and are expecting their first sale?

Our first sale felt great! It was exhilarating, because we try our best to provide great products and great offers. It feels great to provide a successful buying experience to our customers. As for advice to store owners who just started, I would say be patient, and try to improve your store day by day. Take small steps, because every store –big and small–, requires a continuous effort. Take great pictures of your products, provide brief and useful information, and keep the interface tidy. Always test the checkout process to verify everything works as expected. And never forget to build trust in your brand and yourself.

- What was your first thought when you were invited to PrestaShop Meetup and why did you decide to present Store Manager for PrestaShop over there?

I was happy to contribute to the PrestaShop Meetup because I felt I had something to share. As the majority of the participants of the meeting only sell online, I decided to present Store Manager for PrestaShop to show that PrestaShop can also be used to sell on a physical store. I thought that, if it was so useful to me, it would be useful to others.

magento imagine

- Alejandro, you presented Store Manager to PrestaShop experts at this gathering. What aspects did you emphasize and why?

I focused on presenting the Point of Sale (POS) function of Store Manager, because this is the tool necessary for selling on a physical store. I also mentioned that the process can be sped up by using barcodes on products. Another feature that is great about the software is that you can edit products directly and faster on the app than through the web interface of PrestaShop.

prestashop store manager

prestashop store manager

- What was the atmosphere at the event and what points were discussed?

The meeting was excellent, everyone wanted to know more about the features of PrestaShop and the modules available for the platform. This time we talked about Store Manager and a module for managing a store in MercadoLibre, which is the Argentinian equivalent of eBay. Lastly we argued about payment options, and the lack of a payment gateway for the Argentinian market.

prestashop meetup argentina

- Would you like to visit other PrestaShop campaigns? How, in your opinion, it helps merchants evolve their business?

I would really like to visit other PrestaShop meetups because the people involved are knowledgeable and we learn a lot every time. When a group of people from diverse walks of life get together to discuss problems and try to figure out a solution, that’s when the magic happens. And when the meeting is up, we return back home with a list of new things to try on our stores. That’s amazing.

eMagicOne Team is sincerely thankful to Alejandro for his time and valuable experience he shared with us and our readers. We wish him success in his business and lots of loyal customers! We are happy and proud to have such clients! Thank you, Alejandro!