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Setting Quantity Discounts for PrestaShop Combinations

Oftentimes store owners resort to practice of setting quantity discounts, in other words, they change the total price of products depending on the number of items customer purchases. It is implemented with the help of PrestaShop specific price feature that works like incentive, makes people buy more items of this or that product, since the final cost is significantly cut what is definitely attractive for shoppers.

More and more users nowadays customize the catalog and create product variations by means of PrestaShop combinations. Consequently, the question arises to whether it is possible to apply specific prices to product variants. Some find it complicated or completely impossible. We are going to dispel a doubt and prove that quantity discounts can be easily assigned to desired product variation.

The first thing to be mentioned is that creating specific price includes a choice of criteria, such as timeframe, client groups, shops, countries, currencies and … of course combinations. It means quantity price-off can be set per product variations and Store Manager for PrestaShop “knows” how to manoeuvre with this assignment.

Method #1. Do it manually

Everyone is acquainted with traditional data manipulations, accomplished via special edit form or in respective section of the lower grid. Just put product with combinations into focus, switch to Specific Prices in the lower grid and proceed with PrestaShop specific price adding. Decide on what customer groups specific price will be available for, assign it to definite shop, define availability period and specify other settings.

When you expand Combination drop-down, you will get the list of combinations currently processed product possesses. Either select the one, discount should be assigned to, or apply it to all the combinations.

Specific Price for PrestaShop Combination

In case specific prices should differ, let’s say for two combinations, you are expected to add two pricing options and assign them to corresponding combinations. Let’s view the example. We sell dresses and have twelve variations, basing on color and size. We need to assign specific price for variation size L+color pink that will impose fixed -$25 when 2 items of this product will be bought as well as reduce price by 20% for size M+color pink when 2 items will be added to the cart. Respectively, two specific prices will be added, each assigned to necessary combination.

How it looks at the frontend.

Specific Price for PrestaShop Combination

Let's add 2 items to the cart.

Specific Price for PrestaShop Combination

Method #2. Link specific prices to product combinations via import

Yes, it is possible but you are supposed to adhere to certain algorithm. PrestaShop specific prices can be attached to already existing combinations, combinations and specific prices can’t be created in the process of import. The following thing to consider is the import file. What details should be included into the import file? To get properly organized file that can be used for specific prices import, export the combinations first, including the following fields:

  1. Product identifier used respectively for product recognition. You should indicate, combinations for which products will be updated
  2. Specific Price: Combination ID - specify what combination specific price will be assigned to providing its ID in the file
  3. Specific Price: Starting At - number of products customer should add to the cart in order to get quantity discount
  4. Special Price: Reduction and Special Price: Reduction Type - indicate what is the type of price reduction (amount or percentage) and reduction value
  5. Special Price: From and Special Price: To - timeframe, within which special price will be active
  6. Special Price: Shop ID, Special Price: Group ID, Special Price: Customer ID, Special Price: Country ID - country, shop, customer group, customers that specific price will be assigned to.

Look at sample file provided below.

We are going to apply specific price to five PrestaShop combinations, two of them refer to one product and three to the second one, since we have two product reference records in the file.

This file should undergo usual import via product import wizard, that is described in details in the following article -

Save time managing and maintaining specific prices with Store Manager for PrestaShop. Entice more customers and ensure positive shopping experience offering price reductions for products bought in stock.

By Ira Svedovetska