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How to Bulk Upload PrestaShop Images?

To incline your clientele to purchase merchandises over the Internet is not an easy task. Customers are trying to make a buying choice on their own without the help of your sales staff, without touching and examining a product. For that very reason PrestaShop images are crucial and indispensable elements of any product page.

Since detailed and high-quality product photographs are the key to selling, you, as farsighted store owner, should use innovative PrestaShop image import technique, which is facile in usage but abundant in positive outcomes.

If you haven’t encountered the tool, which makes PrestaShop pictures management convenient and efficient, Store Manager for PrestaShop will come to the assistance. Having this eCommerce solution at your disposal, you will be able to add images to PrestaShop in the instant, creating attractive look of your website in such a way.

What Can You Benefit from when Uploading PrestaShop Images with Store Manager?

  • if you use Store Manager for PrestaShop as upload instrument, you can swiftly add multitude of pictures to products;
  • you are allowed to import locally placed images as well as pictures from URLs;
  • carrying out PrestaShop import to database, you may either upload pictures to formerly added wares or import images along with products;
  • in case some products at your web shop have images, but you need to replace them with new ones, you should firstly remove these images activating “Delete product images before import” option on Import Options step and after the import desired images will be linked to these products.

How Is Image Upload Process Running?

PrestaShop image upload is being carried out via Store Manager product import wizard and covers several steps. Although the first and foremost thing you should be concerned about is the file, data will be appended from. Ascertain that the file column, responsible for product images, includes image names (in case local pictures are to be imported) separated by comma symbol or image URLs (on condition that external images are to be uploaded to PrestaShop).

PrestaShop image import requires FTP connection to be set up. FTP details can be specified in Preferences -> FTP before commencing on data upload or on certain step of PrestaShop import from the file clicking on FTP settings button.

Once you are done will all the preparations, launch the import wizard from Tools -> Import/Export -> Import/Export Products or click on import icon accessible on the toolbar.

For images to be uploaded in the course of PrestaShop import from file, “Import images” box should be checked on “Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Character” step. You must also specify default image path and delimiter, used to separate images in the file.

PrestaShop image upload

Moving ahead you will reach “Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields”. You are supposed to link columns of file, information is imported from, to corresponding fields at database.

PrestaShop image upload

As it was mentioned above, you may delete images and replace them with new ones when performing PrestaShop file upload. For this you need to tick “Delete product images before import” checkbox on next to last step of the import wizard.

Uploading PrestaShop images with Store Manager for PrestaShop is a great time saver. It ensures accurate and error-free pictures handling, what is prerequisite of customer-oriented and full-featured web shop catalog creating.

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By Ira Svedovetska