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Import PrestaShop Products into Subcategories

PrestaShop import

Any catalog needs to be structured properly. This especially concerns online shops that contain multiple lists of goods. From the variety of items offered, the client should be able to find the necessary one faster than he/she loses interest in lookup. Thus, the most common way to ease navigation on the site is creating category tree.

PrestaShop categories usually have meaningful names for example brand or joint name linking same-type items. Categories can have related to them subcategories of different levels grouping items on more specific criteria.

“Layers” of category tree can be multiple with parent categories and child ones. Main categories can have PrestaShop subcategories and their subcategories can also have related categories. Main categories in their turn should be assigned to root category (not visible at front-end), so basically they are also subcategories to it.

When it comes to adding product to your catalog there might emerge questions concerning format of categories when they have subcategories. Simply indicating subcategory name is not the case. Why? Imagine the situation that you are seeking clothing. You have 3 categories: Men, Women, Children. Men category has subcategories Shirts, Jeans, Coats, Suits. Women category includes section: Dresses, Blouses, Jeans, Coats. Parent category Kids has the following subpages: Trousers, Shirts, Coats. You see that some of subcategories names coincide, that is why for import it is required to indicate category path including categories and subcategories.

Categories and subcategories should be divided by separator. Depending on import tool you are using you need to take into account the delimiter character for categories supported.

If you are using Store Manager for PrestaShop it is possible to indicate which setting for categories delimiter will be used. At the third step of import it is possible to input used in spreadsheet symbol.

Category Path

As for format of data placed in category field, there should be indicated category path. So, in case you have main category - Women and subcategory Coats and you would like the product to be assigned to this subcategory, you need to indicate in the file -


The separator used in example is pipe symbol (|), so the same symbol should be indicated at the 3rd step of import.

Create Category On-the-Fly

What if you received consignment of leather jackets that you want to place them into separate category under sub-category ‘Coats’? It is not obligatory to add it before import as with Store Manager for PrestaShop you can build/rebuild category tree on the fly.

Category path will be the following:

Root|Women|Coats|Leather Jackets

This way new subcategory will be created and PrestaShop products will be assigned there.

Assign Products to Multiple Categories

Good practice among store owners is to place goods into multiple categories. Let’s say that somе particular shirt you would like to add to Men section into 2 subcategories - Shirts and Suits. For that you need to add category 2 paths and separate them by double delimiter. Have a look at example:


Detailed tutorial on how to import products with categories and other details read here -

By Maria Kvasnytska