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Would a Helicopter Fit Into Your PrestaShop Store?

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You have issues with placing computer, shirts, furniture or any other products to your store? Maybe you were trying from the wrong side. We have put a helicopter to our PrestaShop store, wanna know how? Keep reading.

So, first of all, you should take care about finding providers. You will agree that keeping helicopters at your warehouse, it should be of football-field size or bigger. So, if you have not bought your city stadium yet to keep there your helicopters, you have to find supplier who will take care about storing and providing your information on helicopters available for sale.

Next try to fit helicopter into your store. The machine is really huge, but to bring it to your shop there is no need to separate it into parts and in turns input cabin, tail and lift rotor and then gather everything again into one. However, it would be interesting to observe it. Guess, that it will look like constructor gathering, but in real-size.

To add this products to the store we need only some details on them like name, model, description, price, images etc. For lazy ones or those who are too busy, it might be too tedious to manually fill in column after column, tab, after tab, constantly checking whether you have indicated everything correctly and making sure that there are no mistakes or typos. Those who are not into monotonous, routine work might find useful PrestaShop import to massively upload all information at once.

Think about best advertizing your helicopter - let the client see what’s special in this particular helicopter. Naturally, there should be something that will say byer “This is helicopter you need”, not just highly technical specification reading which shopper will see only “bla-bla-bla”. Try to separate out features that will “speak” to client. They should be a few, not 100 or your client will think that either you are Pinokio with long, as your feature-list, nose or he/she will fall asleep hardly having read a first dozen.

Additionally your client might like helicopter of some model, but it’s pink color can confuse a bit, especially when buyer is a guy. Ladies in their turn might want to add some glare and gleam. So, best way is to allow client to “construct” the purchase and select some combination of colors or other attributes.

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How to deliver purchase to client? Think about selling pilot and together with the helicopter along with a bunch of waiters for making drinks during the flight. Just kidding. Offer a client to have first flight (with an instructor of course) or sell additionally flying courses as a service. If not, you can find some shipping system to integrate.

Finally, want to know one trick? Husssh! Only for you a big secret - we have used Store Manager for PrestaShop - that is why everything was so easy.

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By Maria Kvasnytska