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Re-Arrange PrestaShop Products Within Categories or Bulk Move Them to Other Categories

When the information is properly structured in your store and everything is in order and in correct places, your will most likely get positive impression from the clients who enter your store for the first time. What even more can contribute to your reputation? The fact that you clients can easily find goods they came for.

Thus, you might feel the need to quickly and in bulk arrange products you have in your shop into PrestaShop categories, move them between the categories and make products in demand more accessible by placing them to the top. In this case, you won’t go without Store Manager for PrestaShop application which makes above mentioned procedures a breeze.

Take a look how the software takes a burden of products arranging off your shoulders:

Assign Products to Categories

If you are just planning to fulfil your catalog with products and received the file from your supplier, make sure that it contains column for categories information and it is filled in with correct category path.

In case there was no information on categories included and your goods were imported without categories, you might discover that the goods are not visible at the front-end. It is not necessarily to make use of procedure of re-import, since Store Manager for PrestaShop contains useful “Assign categories” feature. Just select goods to be assigned to particular group, right click or select the option from main menu and you will see window with all categories you have at your store with checkboxes in front of each. So to link selected products, you need to check boxes in front of categories. This way you will be able to assign goods to multiple categories.

Change Product Location from Category to Category

Imagine that you have stopped selling some goods from particular category or no longer working with definite provider. You want to delete category, but there are still some products that you can sell and you want them to be moved to other PrestaShop categories. Not a problem. Use method that was described above and reassign goods to needed groups of products or use drag&drop to change location of products.

If you use second way to allocate items, you will have the possibility to completely remove association with existing category or keep them assigned to source category and at the same time add association to new (target one).

Move Products Within Category

Want goods that are more popular to be placed at the top for potential clients to see them right away? Or show-up novelties you add to your shop in order to make clients returning and checking what’s new?

No need to massively edit huge amount of goods changing position of each. Again, drag&drop will be useful for you. However, please, note that this will work only in case your goods have position indicated.

Store Manager for PrestaShop is designed specially to satisfy every-day needs of end users and ease some tasks that usually require more efforts.

Work smart, but not hard with Store Manager for PrestaShop -

By Kostyantyn Bibik