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My Products are Not Displaying After PrestaShop Import. What to Do?

Now you have your PrestaShop store and now you can start filling it up with goods, then selling them and earning your first million. Your dreams are bigger and brighter and you are anxious to start. Who cares about guidelines studying when huge plans and e-commerce world conquering are waiting? There is no time for that, right?
So you take steering wheel in your hands and perform massive upload of your goods via PrestaShop import procedure. You nervously track process bar and finally! The process is reported to be successful. At store front you see all of entities added and also check store front to see how products will be displayed from customer’s side and... nothing. You become frustrated. How is it possible? The procedure was successful, but there are no products displayed. Is it something wrong with your PrestaShop installation or even with your database?

Before you start spending long hours at this, guessing on the worst variant and tearing hair of your head, calm down and check if you did the following:

Clear cache and rebuild index of your catalog.

For faster page loading some files of are getting cached. To see the latest results and modifications reflected, you might need to clear cache.
As for indices, they should be refreshed after massive changes like upload of multiple goods.

Check if you have uploaded products to shop you check goods.

In PrestaShop multistore there is the chance that you can upload goods for some particular shop and then check other one for results. It is advisable either to import ot default shop or to all shops.

Make sure that your products are assigned to category(ies).

In your import file for each product there should be indicated category name or category path (in the situation product should be put to definite subcategory of multi-leveled category tree). Moreover, you need to make sure that categories themselves are assigned to root category. Otherwise neither categories, nor products belonging to them will be visible.

Status should be enabled and quantity more than 0

Spreadsheet with information uploaded should contain details responsible for inventory and products availability. Status should be set to “1” that stands for “enabled” and in quantity field there should be entered values more than 0. In case you have some values indicated in field “Minimum quantity”, then actual product quantity should be bigger.

Check here to find the information on required for PrestaShop import fields and file format -
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