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Tip of the Day: Make Bulk Updates of PrestaShop Product Details in Two Clicks

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For any shopkeeper it is essential to rationally control time spent on different procedures that are a part of shop management. Naturally, it would be nice to simply establish the store and receive income, however, store information is variable system and data within it change periodically. This especially concerns PrestaShop quantity, which decreases when the order is made. So, PrestaShop stock status can be changed to disabled as soon as quantity level goes beyond acceptable level. Without in-time update of lacking quantities at high product demand, you may find that at your front-end less amount of products available.

There are also the cases when you need to modify some product details in order to stay up-to-date and not to lose profit. This concerns in the first place PrestaShop update price procedure, since if, let’s say, your supplier started to sell goods at higher price, you may want to increase it either.

So what is the solution when you need to implement changes to product details massively? Import - you will say. That’s right, you can use this method, but there is also much easier way of performing the task.

Imagine that you can select goods, immediately change some values and they will be applied at once. Have you imagined it? Wouldn’t it be useful? Bet that you just thought that you need this.

Store Manager for PrestaShop makes dreams of lots of store owners come true, enabling to perform changes to bulks of entities in a few clicks with Mass Changer tool, that is built-in the application.

Using it you can:

- update numerous items in one hit. You just select goods, call Mass Changer, check the checkboxes for details you would like to modify and indicate value or percentage (if available for option).

- update multiple fields. It means that you can simultaneously increase PrestaShop quantity, modify your PrestaShop stock status, making your products enabled/disabled, set price mark-up and undertake PrestaShop update price, making your costs smart or do any other adjustments.

- automatically re-calculate numeric values, increasing or decreasing them by some percent or value.

- set identical values for multiple entities. If necessary, you can for example, set the same manufacturer for previously selected goods.

- apply special complex rules for some particular details modification using special expression rules.

- preview changes for making sure that everything was performed properly in order to apply correct changes and avoid errors.

- modify your products combinations with related details, like PrestaShop quantity of combinations, price wholesale, price etc. and massively assign some feature values to selected items.

The best thing that there are no additional actions required - you modify those fields that you see, changes are applied immediately (progress bar will show the percentage of task accomplishment in case the number of entities chosen is vague) and results are visible at once. No files, manual changes and additional settings - the procedure is simple no matter if you need to carry out PrestaShop update price task, change PrestaShop stock status or any other details.

More information on Mass Changer you can read here -

By Maria Kvasnytska