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PrestaShop Data Import Pitfalls and Ways to Avoid Them

PrestaShop import pitfalls
PrestaShop import to database is definitely a vehicle, that enables web store growth and makes its daily performance more efficient and faster. From this follows, that first and foremost task, you should be particular about, is seamless data transfer carrying out. Although, it is easier said than done. Data upload is not simple file transfer. It hides a range of pitfalls, you may encounter, what can negatively affect PrestaShop import from .csv outcomes.
Below in this article you will find what inconveniences may accompany PrestaShop data upload and how to prevent them.

Import File Format

This is one of the most annoying issues PrestaShop users are nonplussed with. It’s possible to upload data from .csv files only, since no other formats are supported. Distributors provide you .xml data feeds? You need to constantly beg cooperators to send .csv files or resort to reformatting before appending spreadsheet to PrestaShop database? It might be quite bothersome and inefficient, as you should preserve data arrangement when changing file format and spend additional time on organizing procedures.


Oftentimes store owners collaborate with several suppliers and regularly receive data feeds from them. The possibility to automatically upload files to PrestaShop becomes of necessity in such a case, although it is not accessible for PrestaShop users. You may fall back upon specialists, that will set cron PrestaShop import at additional cost. As possible way out, order service or hire a person who will perform data upload procedure. This is one-off import, what means that you need to pay again and again whenever you want to set up data appending to database. It’s possible to set up cron import using scripts, what requires from you special skills and knowledge.

File Data Modification

What are main reasons to perform PrestaShop data transfer to database? This is multifunctional procedure, that ensures new products adding, product images upload, inventory control, products updating, etc. Not infrequently uploading file to PrestaShop database, you face dilemma - necessary field/s is/are not included in the file or improper values are specified. Respectively, you will not be able to accomplish some content management tasks. There is nothing else left for you to do, but manually input required fields and specify necessary values, what will definitely take long time.

Category Assignment

This is one more aspect PrestaShop users are bothered with, when uploading data to store database. In case you are adding new products and .csv file does not contain the column, responsible for category/categories, goods won’t be placed to required category/ies or subcategory/ies.
PrestaShop import
It’s needless to argue that aspects described above are somewhat cumbersome and lower PrestaShop import performance efficiency. To overcome all the hurdles and get desired data upload outcomes, you have to fall back upon performance-oriented e-Commerce solution. Store Manager for PrestaShop is the one of that kind. You will ask: “How will it help improve the matters?” Here you will find the answers:
  • What concerning import file format? Store Manager for PrestaShop is not so “demanding” when talking about file format - you are allowed to upload files of .ods, .xls, .xlsx, .xml, .csv, .txt formats via convenient Import Wizard. The advantage is evident - you won’t be bored with constant file converting and will be able to append files of any format enumerated at an easy rate.
  • Information import mechanization is not a question if you use Store Manager application. With the help of its Automated Product Import addon you can create scheduled tasks - add necessary import configuration and specify upload time and frequency. Depending on it, the file will be appended to PrestaShop database without your interference. Find details on Automated Product Import here -
  • Manual file data adjusting is in the past with Store Manager for PrestaShop. Whenever some information is omitted or improper values are specified, you are not obliged to hang over manual file arranging - with Store Manager you can manage data right in the process of import by means of expressions or default values. Read the article on this topic -
  • Product category designation is easier you could imagine with Store Manager application. In case there is no category path indicated in the file you upload, you can specify it on Import Options step of data transfer and items will be disposed properly.
Undoubtedly, Store Manager for PrestaShop will greatly enhance product management possibilities. It turns PrestaShop import from .csv into streamlined and flawless procedure. Find details on other Store Manager functional capabilities -