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How to Easily Modify Quantity of Your PrestaShop Products and Combinations

Selling PrestaShop products online there is always a risk that you accidentally sell more than you have on hand. This is especially actual for one-of-a-kind creations or vintage things. Even in case you sell ordinary products, it is important to decide which exactly PrestaShop quantity is not too limited and at the same time not too big.
In any case, sooner or later the quantity of your goods and PrestaShop combinations will be shrinking. It is positive fact, since it denotes that your products are in demand and selling “like hotcakes”. However, without keeping an eye on quantity and its renewal, goods will quickly become out-of-stock and won’t be available for sale any more. But what to do if you have fuge sets of items to modify? You need to find the means for effortless task accomplishing.
Store Manager for PrestaShop offers multiple ways for altering PrestaShop quantity of your products and PrestaShop combinations. Let’s see the most common of them:

Export/Import Products Changing Their Quantity

This way involves 2 actions: first, you need to bring actual information from your store to the file for further edit; and second - upload it back for the changes to be applied. The advantage of Store Manager is that you can have 2 fields in the file - identifier (reference, ID, product name) and the one for PrestaShop quantity. Moreover, it is also possible to avoid manual changes inputting on the spreadsheet, since in Store Manager it is possible to modify data on-the-fly, right during import.

Modify Quantity Instantly with Mass Product Changer

This functionality is useful in case you need to set PrestaShop quantity for items really fast, you just need to filter out the goods, then select them and right-click selecting Mass Changers -> Mass Product Changer.
You will be able to modify quantity by some value (+ or -) or fixed value. For that tick checkbox to update quantity and indicate the number.
prestashop quantity

Within just a few seconds you will see changes applied.

Update Quantity of Your PrestaShop Combinations in a Few Clicks

In PrestaShop, you can use combinations that allow you to change how a product is sold, offering customers variations of the same product so they can choose the right one for their needs.When different PrestaShop combinations are made, there is only one default quantity the same of all variations. After all the combinations are generated, it will be necessary to change each combination to specific quantity you have.
In Store Manager there is Mass Combination Changer tool that allows to modify product variations in bulk for great amounts of goods. There you can either update quantity with some value of fixed number.

prestashop combinations
Additionally, you can synchronize your PrestaShop products’ quantity with the one provided by your supplier and don’t bother about manual update. With Store Manager for PrestaShop you are enriched with far wider possibilities for you store management. Do not hesitate and try out the software right now -