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Understanding Different Types of PrestaShop Prices. Mass Update of Product Prices

One of the most important aspects of store management is how you are pricing your products. In PrestaShop there are several types of prices that allow you to keep accurate track of your products’ cost. All the PrestaShop prices act for different purposes, but the main general objective of the price is to make a good profit for store owner and let the client know how much money he/she has to spend to get this item.
Beside of advantages the store owners get from different types of pricing available in the shopping cart, often they get lost as it is quite difficult to understand which price option needs to be filled in.
So, lets define what for each price type can be used:
  • Pre-tax wholesale price (Wholesale price) - the amount that you paid for the product (to supplier, manufacturer or provider) before you placed the item to your store. It is useful to have such an information in order to calculate total profit you received from selling the product.
  • Pre-tax retail price (Base price) - the cost at which you want to sell the product with no tax applied yet.
  • Retail price with tax - the price with tax applied usually it is the final product’s price (tax itself you set in PrestaShop separately).
  • Unit price without tax - the way to inform your client what will be the price portion of product (in case it can be sold in portions). Lets say, if you had a product set $2 per pound and the product was 2 pounds in weight, the price would be automatically calculated to $4.
  • PrestaShop specific price - special discounted by some percent or value final product’s price. In case it is used, your goods will be sold for this reduced price (for definite period of time only, if needed).
  • Smart price - the price like $9.99 instead of $10 used for marketing purposes for attracting clients.
Working with product prices, the most difficult and tedious task is to perform PrestaShop update price procedure, especially when you need to increase or decrease your prices due to sale season change or when your supplier or manufacturer decides to sell goods for different price. While this can be done for each product one at a time, it can quickly become tiresome and time consuming, especially if your inventory items numbered in the hundreds or thousands. Unfortunately, this is not easily done within default functionality provided by Prestashop. There is a way to do it using SQL queries, though, it requires technical skills to be done.
There is much simpler way to make mass changes with prices. Store Manager for PrestaShop offers multiple possibilities to add or edit different prices in bulk.
First of all, it is worth to focus your attention on Mass Product Changer tool of Store Manager. Using it you can do modifications to final and wholesale products’ prices and make your prices smart in a few seconds and in one shot. The changes are possible to do by present, some value or fixed value for all of the selected products.
prestashop prices

Moreover, you can apply PrestaShop specific price to multiple products at once. Select the products to which you need add special discounted price rule, open the tab “Special Prices” in the lower grid and add specific prices. You can add them to all of the shops you have or only to some of them (if you have lots of stores). Moreover, you can choose for which currencies, countries or customer groups/customers to assign this discounted price. If needed indicate the time period during which specific price will be active and put the value or percentage of price reduction.
prestashop update price

Another way-out to carry out PrestaShop update price is via import. It will be especially useful if you receive the information on price changes from your supplier.

Do not spend time on manual editing of PrestaShop prices! Save money for developer hiring! Be careful with scripts if you are not 100% sure that they won’t damage your store. Use Store Manager for PrestaShop - fast-working, absolutely safe and working tool for mass prices update -