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PrestaShop Store Started Working Slowly? Optimize It and Make Fast-Running Again

Is your PrestaShop store slower than it used to be? Speed is directly related to site functioning and extremely slow stores do not make happy either store owners or shoppers.

What might have caused slow work of your web-site?

Supposingly, with time your catalog has increased considerably as you filled your store with new content many times performing PrestaShop import. PrestaShop is powerful system and is designed to work with big databases. Though, database records can be overwhelmingly more that your products are, even more than you can imagine. The more records are in database, the more “heavy” it becomes and the more slower it starts working.
Where come these additional records from? Naturally, when you add item to your store, there is appended record to your database. But these records can be multiplied in case you have have at your store:

  • More Languages than You Actually Use
  • Usually there are 6 languages offered in PrestaShop back-office out-of-the-box. Most often store owners leave “Languages” as is or disable languages which are not used.

    Though, these can play you false. While product creation, to database there are added as many entries on this product as languages you have at your store.
    Having 2-3 years old web store, carrying out PrestaShop import of products at least once a week can bring you million database records. Thus, it is better to remove unused languages from administration panel and corresponding records at database.

  • Too Many PrestaShop Image Types
  • PrestaShop offers 5 main image types. This is recommended number. If, lets say, installing new template, there occurred more PrestaShop image types, it denotes that when you upload pictures there will be too many images at your FTP corresponding to each image type. Moreover, there is the high chance that you will not need most of them and they will only occupy space.

    To delete unused PrestaShop image records, you have to clear the following tables of your database: ps_images, ps_image_lang, ps_image_shop
    Next it is required to delete folder “p” in img directory or clear out its contents. Next if you deleted “p” folder, re-create it. Finally, re-upload correct images to products.
    Please note, clearing database tables is potentially dangerous and harmful procedure which requires from the doer SQL skills and experience of work with servers. One reckless incorrect movement may crash your store.

In case you are not willing to take risks performing such potentially hazardous procedure, but need to clear up your images, there is absolutely safe solution. Store Manager for PrestaShop has built-in Store Diagnostics tool that allows you to have full control over your images. Using it you will be able to get the list of products which have image record at database, but images themselves is not at your server, items without images or pictures that are not assigned to any products.
You can delete unnecessary images in bulk and free space at your FTP for other images to be added.

More on Store Diagnostics read here -
Implement the above mentioned steps and see what difference it brings to your PrestaShop store speed.