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Top 5 Extensions to Manage Your PrestaShop Store

PrestaShop extensions
Being one of favorite ecommerce store management systems, PrestaShop comes with lots of features useful for store handling. Although, at some point you may get in the situation that you want to add some functionality and the tools that offer these or that options are not free. Thus, you need to shell out some money, but how not to waste them and select the solution exactly needed and working like a charm?

In Addons section of PrestaShop there are listed more than 1,5 thousands of different PrestaShop extensions. That’s a huge number and it isn’t easy to figure out which one is right. Some of them serve for making your store more attractive and improving design, others for advertising, there are also the ones that help working with store information administration.

In this article it will be discussed perfect tools for your store content handling.

PrestaShop manager

Store Manager for PrestaShop

Cost: $349 Pro version (for bigger merchandises), $199 Standard version (for smaller businesses)
Requirements: Windows + PrestaShop 1.5.x, 1.4.x, 1.3.6

This should be one of the first modules shop owner installs. This is basic and one of the most important tools for easier store management. The software is PC-based and the owners who are using Windows operating system can easily download and install it without any difficult modifications in files of shopping cart itself. The application has powerful filtering and search system and item can be found basically using any product detail. Built-in PrestaShop import Wizard enables you to perform upload of data from the files of .txt, .ods, .xls, .xml, .csv, .xlsx formats. Convenient ability to import images from remote URLs is included. Advanced Mass Changer instrument for bulk alterations of masses of goods in a few seconds. There are many more useful features you can benefit from.
One more assets of the software is that is was recognized by PrestaShop users and it was awarded as Best Module in 2012.

Automated Product Import

Cost: $199
Requirements: Store Manager for PrestaShop

With this helpful addon you will be able to synchronize store information directly with your suppliers and perform automated updates of your content. You do not need to track your inventory all the time, as it will be actual all the time. Moreover, you can do any data modifications right in the process of PrestaShop import, lets say price mark-ups and sell for the price you decide, not your provider offers.

PrestaShop eBay

eBay Integration

Cost: $119
Requirements: Store Manager for PrestaShop

All you know that the more places your products are listed, the higher are the chances that item will be noticed and bought by the shoppers. Lots of people prefer shopping at big auctions, like eBay, where the selection is wider. Thus, interacting with eBay and placing your products there can be really great idea, since additional sales channel is definitely a plus.

QuickBooks Integration

Cost: $129
Requirements: Store Manager for PrestaShop

With this PrestaShop extension you can have your products, customers and orders under control, synchronizing them with powerful accounting system. Thus, your information will always be accurate and in order.

ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration

Cost: $119
Requirements: Store Manager for PrestaShop
PrestaShop icecat
This helpful module allows you to skip the step of writing descriptions for your products or searching for suitable images. These and other details can be found and added to your goods from IceCat catalog. The information you get there is relevant and images are high-quality.

All the mentioned modules are compatible to new upgraded PrestaShop 1.5.x version. In case you haven’t tried these PrestaShop extensions yet, then together with hundreds of satisfied users, we are definitely recommending them.
In case you are already among the ones, who tried them out, share with us your opinion what is your favorite PrestaShop module in the comments.