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Small Operations Bring You a Step Forward to Great Outcomes

Developing relevant and refined PrestaShop catalog is one of the most essential considerations when running web store. PrestaShop products represent backbone of web store catalog, what is a valid reason for obtaining easy-to-use and productive medium for their proper management.
Store Manager for PrestaShop application is equipped with full set of basic operations, one can accomplish over PrestaShop products to keep store catalog always up-to-date. Corresponding options are disposed on products toolbar and PrestaShop product context menu.
Store Manager for PrestaShop is being characterized by flexible PrestaShop add product and PrestaShop edit product system, what is significant for quick store data handling.
When proceeding with PrestaShop add product operation store owner should specify product associated information in “Edit product data” window, which contains several tabs, namely main, category, description and meta, attachments and additional fields. PrestaShop users need just to switch between the tabs and indicate product related information in the fields enlisted. Required for filling fields are marked with asterisk. For example, “Main” tab contains the following fields as obligatory - product name and pre-tax retail price. Having specified all the product related data and pressed “Ok” button, one will get a new item in PrestaShop product list.
To modify product related information one should resort to PrestaShop edit product operation. After having pressed the corresponding button, “Edit product data window” will appear. Web store owner can change any info required (product price, description, quantity, etc) and press “Ok” button to save alterations.
One more way to add new item to web store is to proceed with PrestaShop copy product operation. It can be performed in two ways - copy/paste PrestaShop product or clone necessary item. Clone operation is the combination of PrestaShop copy products and paste. Cloned item will be placed to the same category, but will acquire new ID.
Among basic operation, one can find also refresh product list, delete PrestaShop product, assign category for product(s) options. To shift product(s) to different categories, one has to choose necessary items, go to corresponding functionality and tick the boxes in front of necessary categories in the window appeared.
Store Manager for PrestaShop simplifies main PrestaShop store content management tasks, allowing to easily accomplish PrestaShop add product, PrestaShop copy products operations, remove unnecessary items or move them to another category. Read more on basic operations over PrestaShop products -