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PrestaShop XML Import Without File Converting is Possible

PrestaShop import from xml
Hope to quickly carry out PrestaShop XML import? Not so fast. Since if you have PrestaShop XML product feed for import - you’ve got into trouble. Why? Simply because PrestaShop itself doesn’t include the ability to perform PrestaShop import of XML feed. Quite ironic, considering the fact that this format is one of most popular ones and widely used by suppliers, who most often act like the main source of getting the fresh pricelists and other info for PrestaShop XML import. Nevertheless, setting hopes upon this possibility to be implemented into default shopping cart functionality, you should think what can be done in meantime.

Thus, now you know that PrestaShop import from XML feed is not possible “as is” and out-of-the-box. You can ask your provider to send you data in other format supported, mainly .csv. However, suppliers are not very eager to adjust to your requirements, since as a rule they have lots of clients. You can also try to convert your PrestaShop XML product feed into comma-separated file, but get ready that you will need to edit it, improving structure and the way the data are placed. Another way-out is to refer to codes and PHP scripts, but obviously, for that you need to be an expert.

There is also a number of third-party solutions that you can use for PrestaShop XML import. One of them is Store Manager for PrestaShop that supports PrestaShop import from XML feed. If reading this, you thought that to do it, you obligatory have to spend money in any case, you are wrong. In case you need the process to be executed only once or a few times, there is no no need to pay, as the software either comes in fully-functional test version, which can be freely used for 30 days.

With this helpful tool no any manual modifications are required. No matter of data placement the feed has, what column names are indicated or rows included and even if you are missing of some data - the procedure will definitely work.

Only 5 main steps separate you from having your PrestaShop store updated using PrestaShop XML product feed.
You just need to:

- Open Import Wizard of Store Manager and set the file from which the information should be taken and brought up to your live database.
- Choose product nodes and link them to corresponding .csv fields. This way, data transformation will be done directly during the process of PrestaShop XML import ensuring its accuracy.
- Indicate symbols that will serve for data separating in your file. Otherwise, the feed won’t be structured correctly and will be reflected as one huge string.
- Assign your file rows to database fields. This step is specially designed in order to deprive the users of the need to re-name columns in the file manually in case they differ from database names. If the titles coincide, use “Auto Link” button.
- On condition that you need only to update goods or just bring up new entities, you will be able to set the corresponding import options.

Once the import is complete, you’ll see your data listed at your store. You’ve got it! Congratulations!

Store Manager for PrestaShop puts ideas into practice, satisfying users’ requirements and taking care about their needs. While you are stuck at the problem of impossibility to upload PrestaShop XML product feed, those who got acquainted with this application are already enjoying the results of the process.

See yourself that with Store Manager for PrestaShop you get more control over your store -