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On-the-Fly Data Modifications During PrestaShop Import: No Manual Changes In File Needed

PrestaShop import
Carrying out PrestaShop import the one can notice that there are not always the adequate level of data in the file for the action to be well-crafted. Only think that you are in the middle of the task and see that some columns are not filled with information and some rows are not listed at all. What are your further actions? Let me guess... come back, alter something and commence PrestaShop import from .csv all over again. However, doesn’t it seem to you not so rational? What is there is the way to do on-the-fly modifications? I bet that every online merchant would grab such a chance, especially if your PrestaShop catalog update cannot be overdue.

Using Store Manager for PrestaShop as your PrestaShop import tool you will be capable of altering or imputing missing information right during the process without manual interference into the file. Even if you have some areas left out of the values or wrong information was specified, you can improve your file, applying expressions at the certain phase of PrestaShop import from .csv if conducted via Store Manager application.

What is expression?

Expressions are formulas that act like commands that call the necessary actions that add some details or alter them in accordance to the specifications encoded in the formula, bringing changes to your PrestaShop catalog.
Expressions are created on the basis of some rule or logics and can rely on the information you have in the file. Using the necessary formula you can also entry the data to specific column(s).

Where to create/apply expression rule in the process of import?

At the stage of PrestaShop import where you assign rows, you will see on the left database fields and on the right those that belong to your file. If you pick any of the fields positioned on the left, you will see in the third column the button “Editor” or choose the field and paste formula to Expressions field.
After you press Editor button, a new window will be opened. This is the exact place to put/create expression. If you need some help with the formula, you can call for help or use “Auto Complete Window” button.
For your convenience, before applying this newly-created expression you can verify its accuracy before PrestaShop import from .csv by pressing “Execute expression” button.

What exactly data/fields can be modified during PrestaShop import?

Typically, by means of expressions it is possible to modify/ add values to all the fields listed, on the fly while PrestaShop import from .csv.
You can enter, transform, substitute, remove, split, increase data listed at your file or those entities that are currently inserted to your PrestaShop catalog. With this objective basically all the SQL statements can be used.

Get to know under what circumstances can expressions be used and review the examples of most typical of them-