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Main Aspects of PrestaShop Categories Import

PrestaShop web store is really customer-oriented and stand-alone if it has strictly organized product catalog. For that any web-store should be characterized by clarity of PrestaShop categories and products, what is easier said than done, especially when there is abundance of products and categories at store database.
How to add PrestaShop categories within no time and efforts and build easy-to-navigate category tree? Manual creating categories one-by-one and adding items to them will be really boresome procedure. Thus, one will definitely find it more convenient and workable to rely upon PrestaShop import of categories.
Store Manager for PrestaShop software makes categories management less embarrassed and foresees flawless PrestaShop import of categories and subcategories alone or with products carrying out.
Built-in categories import/export wizard of Store Manager application is developed to maximally simplify the procedure of enriching PrestaShop database with new categories. If being completed via import wizard, PrestaShop import categories embraces several steps. At each and every step PrestaShop users are provided with prompts and pieces of advice on efficient data upload.
The following aspects of PrestaShop categories import have to be pointed out?
  • Initial step of PrestaShop import of categories offers PrestaShop user store database backup option. In such a way data are being saved on PC directly from the application and store owner can unhesitatingly carry on the import process accomplishing. In case of info upload mishaps occurring one can restore database;
  • Web merchants can avoid import configuration setup each time and use saved before settings;
  • To upload photos during PrestaShop categories import, one has to tick corresponding box on “Select Fields Delimiter and Quote Character” step;
  • On PrestaShop import of categories preview stages one may have a quick look over file imported and check if data are structured in a suitable manner;
  • To get desirable PrestaShop import of categories outcomes, one should accurately define associations between PrestaShop database fields and csv file columns;
  • PrestaShop categories import outcomes depend greatly on the import method one chooses. Import wizard gives the following PrestaShop import of categories techniques - Add and Modify, Add Only, Modify Only, Just Add.
On the final step of PrestaShop categories upload application import wizard opens the window with data import outcomes.
Store Manager for PrestaShop makes a great contribution to developing full-featured store catalog, being “equipped” with convenient data import from csv tool. Find details on PrestaShop categories import in the article - Import PrestaShop Categories without a Tension