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What’s New in This Release of Store Manager for PrestaShop

Store Manager for PrestaShop is updated! Already robust functionality of widely known solutions for “global” e-store management is expanded and refined. Store Manager team, focused on customization as the foremost instrument, used to meet clients’ needs, brought enhancements and improvements to this application.
What Has Been Added to Store Manager Application?
  • Now you can change Category Association for PrestaShop web stores and automatically associate PrestaShop products, referring to chosen categories.
Product Customizations Generated provides users with possibility to add custom fields to numerous PrestaShop products. There are 2 modes available - the first one allows to delete fields the chosen products have; the second one foresees adding new custom fields without removing existing ones.
  • Since now it’s possible to change Shop Associations for abundance of PrestaShop products selected.

  • What Has Been Improved in Store Manager for PrestaShop
    Store Diagnostics operating has been bettered. On condition that the connection to web store is lost, Store Diagnostics will stop and no results will be shown, what can be explained by the fact, that the process has not been completed. In case Store Diagnostics is in action and unaccomplished tasks are in task queue (uploading, deleting), you will receive a message, notifying to finish all the tasks or to continue. Also there has been added the possibility to go over PrestaShop products images before deleting them.
    As to PrestaShop products management, you can add products and product related data to all shops and languages. It’s not possible to configure Automated Product Export without configuration name specifying. What’s more - PrestaShop store owners can import PrestaShop products from DOBA to stores on PrestaShop v.1.5+
    Moreover, some improvements were brought to PrestaShop order management section as well. Before, when adding a product to order, 0 value was indicated. It has been corrected. Now, while creating new order, total is being calculated properly.
    This version of Store Manager for PrestaShop was developed to assist you in constant web store management improving. Features and enhancements implemented to this release is an evidence of continuous striving to meet your requirements and demands. Download the software and get “road map” to developing tremendously-profitable online store