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Store Manager for PrestaShop: Biggest Achievements Reached in 2012

The most memorable moments are usually the most valuable and the brightest ones. As 2012 is coming to an end, we would like to review all the head-shaking events that has happened to us this year.

What are the major milestones of this year?

  • Store Manager for PrestaShop is divided into Standard and Professional editions.
  • Store Manager for PrestaShop becomes a winner and was awarded as BEST PRODUCT at Barcamp 5, NY.
  • The possibility to download the software via mini-installer program has been added.
  • For easier and faster connection to store database, Connection Wizard with 2 modes - Simple and Advanced has been implemented. Using both modes you can set either direct or bridge or HTTP tunnel connection in a few minutes.
  • The support of product import from XML files has been added.
  • The possibility to automatically export products to CSV and upload the file via FTP according to schedule has been added.
  • The ability to Import \ Export Special price has been added.
  • New bulk operations functionality has been added to Store Manager. Now you can quickly change Features with Mass Features Changer.
  • New Images Diagnostic section has been added that helps you to cope with: missing product images, images that are not linked to any product (to clean-up your FTP) and products without images.
  • Vertical and Horizontal align and resize were added in images watermark section. Now you can change the size of watermark and it's position.
  • POS functionality has been implemented, including Barcode Scanner - you can create order on one page, namely, select user, products for order, delivery and payment status. You can accelerate products adding with the help of Barcode scanner.
  • SMTP server connection has been implemented. Now you may configure Email templates in Store Manager and send Emails to customers after changing of Order status etc.
  • The ability to run scheduled Backup of store database has been included. Now you can do backup according to schedule: daily, weekly, monthly, or set any special date.
  • The option to clear Smarty Cache and Reindex data has been added to Store Manager.
These are just a few of the achievements and events that has happened to us this year. Each one is obviously a success. We will keep up working and continue striving for developing best solutions to move your business forward.