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How to Schedule an Automatic Import in PrestaShop with No Special Skills

Each day the demands of both shopkeepers and individuals who are buying online are raising, thus the world of e-commerce is constantly developing. The improvements are done to make time-consuming procedures less tedious and more mechanized. The process of PrestaShop import from .csv is not an exception to this. Just think that there is the way to reduce your pains to lowest point and make the process automated. There is the technique to “communicate” with one or more suppliers and even be able to do PrestaShop import images from .csv (no matter if they are saved or distant ones).

Means of performing the procedure

Naturally, the mentioned possibility is achievable with default Magento in case you are having some technical skills and are familiar with coding. What to do in case you are not specialist, but just businessman? Thankfully, for other users there exist PrestaShop import product extensions, that are ready-made solutions for making your PrestaShop import from .csv of products and PrestaShop import images from .csv auto-performed. Such extensions are Store Manager for PrestaShop and Automated Product Import addon.

How to set it up?

With PrestaShop import product extension like Automated Product Import, you need to make all the preparations, set the time of scheduled import and later on the procedure of PrestaShop import from .csv will be performed without the need to take an active part in the procedure. Do not worry, you won’t face difficulties establishing it, as there is very handy Import Wizard that will guide you through the process.

What is beneficial about Automated Product Import?

Via this PrestaShop import product extension you can even than basically bring out PrestaShop import from .csv of products. With its help, apart from the described capabilities, you can also find the subsequent positive aspects of the process:
- ability to use either local or external supplier’s file
- set up synchronization with multiple suppliers
- keep track of your inventory and update it
- perform PrestaShop import images from .csv using name or links to images
- modify import file as well as data in it right in the process of import
- input information of the fly

Store Manager for PrestaShop and Automated Product Import addon are perfect PrestaShop import product extensions for updates of your store made according to the plan. The combination of those applications has lots of merits, but one of the most valuable one is that you can test it. Obtain right now free version of the software following this link: