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5 Reasons to Love PrestaShop Import

PrestaSHop import
Each online merchant dreams to convert his business into money-making machine, but to bring this idea into life, you need to make your store eye-catching for shoppers. How to do it? Obviously, by constantly adding new items to fulfill needs of the customers with various tastes, at the same time upgrading inventory of you existing products consistently. This may seem to you not very demanding, but not when you have thousands of products. Thus, larger shops need more effective means for providing changes. PrestaShop import products is almost ideal mode. Doing mass updates quicker and in more reasonable way is possible with Store Manager for PrestaShop import extension.
If you are still not sure whether it is worth to perform PrestaShop import products from .csv, study the subsequent aspects of the process and they will definitely become a push for you to become head over heels in love with PrestaShop import products process, when it is carried out via Store Manager for PrestaShop import extension.

PrestaShop import

1. Big sets of new items are inputted without a hitch

There always occurs more and more cool new things at the marketplace and buyers are desperate to be among the first to obtain them. Thus, to increase your shop popularity, you need add novelties if not at the very same moment as they occur, then at least regular enough. If there are many items, to accomplish the process of PrestaShop import products from .csv. With such a reliable PrestaShop import extension as Store Manager for PrestaShop, all the points and suggestions on what should be conducted for fruitful PrestaShop import of products are included in the Import Wizard itself.

PrestaShop import

2. Shop inventory is always up-to-date

You need to have appropriate number of product items for all the interested clients. This is one of tasks of paramount significance. That is why, the appropriate upgrade of your store stock by the way of PrestaShop import products from .csv is significant for your store popularity. If you are getting updated information for PrestaShop import of products from your supplier and, as a rule, there are not enough data or they are placed incorrectly, read the next point and find an easy way-out.

PrestaShop import

3. Implementation of the changes on the fly

If you do not have all the essential info for PrestaShop import products from .csv that is expected by your PrestaShop import extension, you can do any modifications from adjustments of the cost, amount, position to any other information change. With Store Manager for PrestaShop all the alterations are produced instantly right in the process of PrestaShop import of products.

PrestaShop import

4. Killer price mark-downs before holiday season in a few seconds

Sometimes there comes about the necessity to set more appealing prices for your goods, particularly before red-letter days. This smart promotion hint attracts more prospective customers. If you think that for that you need to manually do cost recalculation, then you obviously never heard that using Store Manager for PrestaShop import extension, you can lower product price in bulk by some percent on the fly, directly during the procedure of PrestaShop import products from .csv.

PrestaShop import

5. Planned data updates

The handy is the strategy to cooperate with your vendors to automatically synchronize with them, in order to avoid additional job of doing PrestaShop import of products by hand. This way you will always have relevant content without having to spend endless hours on the task from your side. All of the mentioned is possible with Store Manager add-on known as Automated Product Import. With this PrestaShop import extension, your store will always be updated.

If all the described above points are exactly what you was thinking of, what are you still waiting for? Your thoughts and ideas will come to life with Store Manager for PrestaShop: