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Why You Should Manage Stock with Store Manager for PrestaShop

PrestaShop business commencing foresees store owners to regularly perform PrestaShop inventory update procedure. Inventory, being a multifaceted concept, includes well-timed product uploading, price updating, category tree arranging, products stock management and other store administration tasks.
The possibility to precisely and effortlessly manage PrestaShop stock is paramount for online merchants. Why is it so important to track PrestaShop products stock and what is the most productive way to do it?
The explanation is the following: your business is heavily dependent on the goods you sale and their stock. To perform PrestaShop manage stock procedure means:
  • to make sure that PrestaShop site does not offer your customers items that are no longer in stock and avoid customers’ complaints at the same time;
  • to uncover goods which are slow-moving or obsolete (which are not moving well and not increasing revenue) and find no market;
  • keep tracking of products which are good-sellers and contribute to e-business revenue decreasing
In proportion with business growth and products assortment diversification, you, as far-sighted online merchant have to arm yourself with mighty instrument for resultative PrestaShop stock arranging.
Store Manager for PrestaShop instrument hits the mark with its functionality and assists store owners in accurate and first-class PrestaShop manage stock fulfilling. Taking into consideration the facts that products stock is always dynamic and its management is not compatible with mistakes occurrence, PrestaShop store owners can develop rigid mechanism of stock arranging, being guided by Store Manager application.
First of all, it’s approachable in usage and provides web store owners with multiple advantages:
  • to set stock for goods one at time or for abundance of products at once
  • to make the process of PrestaShop stock arranging automated and scheduled
  • to create rules for out-of-stock products availability
PrestaShop inventory update operations, including just-in-time stock control can be accomplished by means of Store Manager import wizard. You can import data from .csv or .xml files and bring all the changes in no time. Convenient and handy Mass Product Changer tool gives you a chance to change products stock in several clicks - choose the products required, launch Mass Product Changer via products contextual menu or products toolbar and change stock in “Advanced Modifier” tab. You can create rule and add values to the field, corresponding for PrestaShop stock by means of Expressions. What is more - Automated Product Import addon of Store Manager for PrestaShop can take the responsibility for stock control and give you more time for other store management tasks accomplishing. Create scheduled tasks and feeds will be automatically uploaded to store database.
Store Manager for PrestaShop offers flexible tools for efficient PrestaShop manage stock possibility, what delivers clarity and efficiency to web business. Delegate all the responsibilities to Store Manager and put your store to upper level of its development. Find details on Store Manager functionality here -