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Have You Already Tried to Import from XML?

e-Commerce is today’s newest trading practice and demands online merchants to keep step with innovations and improvements constantly. What is the base and at the same time the pledge of successful and stand-alone PrestaShop shopping-mall development? What is its main catalyst? PrestaShop data import is an end-all solution for brisk store content management, it’s beyond doubt.

Import of xml data to PrestaShop
On that ground Store Manager for PrestaShop opens new skylines for its users, widening import capabilities and allowing them to perform PrestaShop import from .xml. Now you can break the stereotype “Import/Export cooperates only with files of .csv format”, what nonplussed you sometimes.

PrestaShop .xml import is devoted to simplify the process of data uploading and updating. Many of you shared a common dilemma: suppliers sent information in files of .xml format and you annoyed with permanent requests to send data in .csv files. New import from .xml to PrestaShop helps you to escape these awkward situations once for all.

Data import from .xml to PrestaShop does not bring inconveniences and difficulties and it’s pretty similar to data import from .csv. Before you launch Import/Export wizard do the following preparations:

Import of xml feeds to PrestaShop
  • setup FTP connection, if you are going to upload images in the process of PrestaShop from .xml
  • check whether the data are organized properly in the file, as it influences the results of import from .xml to PrestaShop

On certain step of PrestaShop import .xml you have to transfer .xml file to .csv. You need to link .xml nodes to appropriate .csv columns, otherwise the data won’t be converted properly. You can use “Link Automatically” option, if .xml nodes and .csv columns names coincide. After this step PrestaShop import from .xml will take the form of data import from .csv.

PrestaShop .xml import gives store owners more possibilities for swift and resultative data uploading and updating, making the process of data management more approachable and flexible. Find detailed information on Store Manager for PrestaShop here - Store Manager Extends its Potentials with XML File Import