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Is Your PrestaShop Store Ready for Holiday Sale Season?

PrestaShop import of products
The next few months will be the busiest buying season of the year. It is the crucial time for making your store more profitable, but success can happen in case online merchants will spend some time and efforts for proper preparations of PrestaShop catalog.
This period is almost upon us. Are you and your online store ready? If you haven’t started to prepare yet, it is exactly the time. Don’t postpone preparation and do not wait until the last minute to make the necessary changes to your online store as it can be too late.
To bring thriving success to your store and maximize your profits follow a couple of simple steps to best prepare for the holidays:

Use formula: New products = New clients + Update products = Returning interested buyers

PrestaShop import of products
When holiday season comes, people open their wallets and start looking for presents. Make sure that you have various goods that satisfy the needs of buyers of different age groups. Also do not forget to sell popular products, as no matter of the price they will be selling like hot cakes, especially before holidays when people are eager to spend money. You need to have plenty of items, since during holidays you will have more customers than usually. Do not disappoint them by saying that the product is resold, since competitors are not sleeping.
To add great amounts of new products and update the inventory of existing ones quickly and in bulk, can be done by means of Store Manager for PrestaShop. Performing PrestaShop import products via the application you will save your time considerably, since manual changes are not suitable before holiday rush when every minute is almost priceless.

Set attractive prices

PrestaShop import of products
Start attracting online customers to your site with discounted prices as it’s never too early for them to start shopping. You think that it is too tedious and requires manual changes and re-calculation? You can avoid that if you have Store Manager for PrestaShop. It even provides you 2 ways using which the changes will not bring you pain. You can either do changes on the fly right in the process of PrestaShop import products procedure or select the necessary products and use Mass Changer tool of Store Manager. No manual file changes, no additional time spent!

Make your store colorful

PrestaShop import of products
Colorful store with lots of product images will definitely attract more visitors. What is more, in case you provide multiple images for your goods, the potential buyer will more eagerly see the pictures than read tons of description. Client will literally imagine how this product will look like when he/she purchases it and in most cases it is the final push to buy.
To make your ideas real, do PrestaShop import product images. It is especially easy to do along with PrestaShop import products procedure by means of Store Manager as it can import images by their names if they are stored locally, or using http links to them if they are remote ones.

The holiday season comes, but only once a year, so make the most out of this amazing opportunity to grow your business using Store Manager for PrestaShop -

Be successful. Perform PrestaShop import product images, update your PrestaShop catalog and your sales will thrive!

Happy selling!