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Forewarned is Forearmed: Avoid Difficulties You Can Meet While PrestaShop Product Import

Performing any tasks, the one should know which issues there may occur. People say “Forewarned is forearmed”. This motto perfectly suits the process of PrestaShop import from .csv. Approachable at the first site, it hides some pitfalls getting into which you will spend too much time and efforts to get out from.
We want you to be armed and ready to beware and avoid the issues or at least know how to extricate of the unpleasant situation.
So here are the most common issues you might face:
Store Manager for Magento: Key Accomplishments Made in 2013
Incorrect formatting of data in .csv file
Very often PrestaShop import file you use for upload is provided by your supplier. In most cases he provides you the file “as is” and the data in it may not correspond to the requirements of your import tool, for example column names of your .csv file may differ from the ones of your database. In this case either the file will not be parsed properly or the file will not be imported at all.
Store Manager for Magento: Key Accomplishments Made in 2013
Missing data
The second issue you can face is directly related to the first one mentioned. In case you do not have in your .csv file some information required, PrestaShop import products from .csv either will not bring expected results or completely fail.
Store Manager for Magento: Key Accomplishments Made in 2013
Inability to update portion of information without importing all the columns
Managing your online store you have to manage as all the data in general as well as parts of the information. For instance, having added new products you have further keep an eye on the inventory to ensure that the product is available for purchase. You expect that you will be able to bulk update only product stock via PrestaShop import from .csv? Unfortunately no. You will need to have all the mentioned above required fields in your PrestaShop import file.
Store Manager for Magento: Key Accomplishments Made in 2013
The necessity to place product into categories of multi-leveled category tree
Properly arranged categories and sub-categories built-up convenient for users navigation category tree. But how to locate products to correct place if the category has sub-categories and sub-categories are divided into other sub-categories? I do not even mention the situation when you need to assign product to multiple categories. Before the process indicate the path to where exactly the product should be placed in PrestaShop import file not to mess up the data.
Store Manager for Magento: Key Accomplishments Made in 2013
Impossibility to import remote images
In case your images are stored somewhere remotely, you won’t be able to import them using http links, since for PrestaShop import from .csv you need to have your images stored somewhere locally and within the reach.
Store Manager for Magento: Key Accomplishments Made in 2013
Duplicated data
In case you do the update of your existing products by means of PrestaShop import from .csv, make sure that you modify the products which you already have at your store instead of adding them again or you will have product duplicates.
The difficulty described above do not occur seldom. Actually, it is quite the opposite - they are well-known for lost of store owners. To forget about those issues that affect the process of PrestaShop import products from .csv, use Store Manager for
PrestaShop. Using the application you will be able to update your store importing only the portion of information. It has more flexible system for required information listed in your PrestaShop import file, so even if there are some missing columns, your PrestaShop import from .csv will work. Also you won’t have issues importing images stored remotely, can assign products to multiple categories and can be save that your data won’t be duplicated.
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