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What’s Useful About PrestaShop Product Import?

Online business which is based on PrestaShop like any other type of online eCommerce requires regular updating and accurate data arranging. Constantly updated store content is pledge of successful business running. Notwithstanding the fact that PrestaShop shopping cart is a magnificent base for eCommerce starting, but occasionaly store owners can face some obstacles in the process of PrestaShop data import.
PrestaShop fast product import is a necessary condition when the question touches store content updating. It’s much more convenient and precise process with Store Manager for PrestaShop application. PrestaShop import from .csv is a common procedure when guided by PrestaShop Store Manager Import/Export Wizard. Having been armed with it, you can import products, categories and images in minimum time.
Which aspects of PrestaShop fast product import with Store Manager should be emphasized?
  • prepared .csv file is the first thing concerning PrestaShop import from .csv. To update PrestaShop content avoiding mistakes and mishaps organize data properly - watch closely to necessary for PrestaShop data import fields, namely reference, product name, description, model, quantity, image, stock status and price
  • Import/Export Wizard is equipped with quite a helpful option - Database Backup. If, for example, you are inexperienced and not sure that you will cope with PrestaShop import from .csv, do not worry, you can do database backup. Thus, information won’t be lost, even if you commit an error.
  • to import images during PrestaShop fast product import, set up FTP connection and indicate image path, in case needed images are on your PC
  • on one of PrestaShop fast product import steps you should choose delimiter and quote character which serves to separate strings and columns of .csv file. You can leave default values or indicate values you want. Having changes these values, remember them, as they are required on further PrestaShop data import steps
  • to import PrestaShop products properly you have to assign columns of your .csv file to corresponding database fields. You can do it automatically also, by means of “Auto Fill” option, but only on condition that columns and field name coincide
PrestaShop data import is rather favourable procedure with Store Manager for PrestaShop. You have multiple advantages, namely:
  • Import/Export Wizard can be launched in the way you prefer: either from “Tools” section or from toolbar
  • to check whether your .csv file was imported properly during PrestaShop fast product import Import/Export Wizard offers you Preview Import window
  • in the process of PrestaShop import from .csv you can use Expression option. For example, if you have got the feed from supplier and you need to change products’ price you can easily increase it directly during import using Expressions, without having to do any changes and calculations in your .csv file
  • Wizard gives you different import options to choose between - add and modify, only add, only modify or just add
  • you can assign products to different categories while performing PrestaShop data import. For that in .csv file you have to indicate to which category or categories you want your products to refer by specifying category path(s)
PrestaShop product import is a compulsory for successful PrestaShop product uploading and gaining profitable outcomes. That’s why it should be done on a level with the highest standards. Shift responsibility to Store Manager for PrestaShop and PrestaShop import from .csv is doomed to success.
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