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Here is a Quick Way to Update Your PrestaShop Store Effectively!

Store Manager for PrestaShop wields full-featured Mass Product Changer instrument, which is a top priority tool for every store owner. What is the point of this tool and how does it work? What entities of PrestaShop store can be managed with Mass Product Changer.
PrestaShop Mass Product Changer is a must-have solution for PrestaShop inventory management, as it gives a possibility to update products price, PrestaShop product quantity, carry out PrestaShop stock management and more for multiple products at once.
What aspects of Mass Product Changer are of special emphasis?

  • if you are afraid of error committing, do database backup and your data will be saved
  • Mass Product Changer allows you to modify one product or multiple products you will select from the list
  • the changes you brought to the products will not be posted to the database until you press “OK” button

Smartly developed tool structure favours while accomplishing PrestaShop inventory management considerably. Update product price, wholesale price and PrestaShop product quantity just in several mouse clicks.
Change products’ details such as products’ supplier and manufacturer, quantity discount, description, additional shipping cost, update stock and other at an easy rate in “Advanced Modifier” tab.
What’s next? Want to operate with smart prices reasonably? Mass Product Changer affords such an opportunity. Set smart prices for your PrestaShop products and boost your sales!
Widen your PrestaShop prospects with Mass Product Changer instantaneously. Cut down time spent on such common procedures as PrestaShop stock management, price updating and much more and direct your store development course in a right way.

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