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A Guidance for High-Flying PrestaShop Bulk Product Upload

More and more store owners refer to PrestaShop bulk product upload as the fastest known way of bringing PrestaShop new products to your store as well as changing the existing ones. However, lots of online merchants often complain that this process is far too complicated and requires too much technical skills. But e-commerce is not standing in one place and is improving all the time, mostly on the bases of users feedback. This is how Import Wizard of Store Manager for Magento was developed.
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This tool serves as guidance for store owners for which the process of PrestaShop import from .csv is the daily task.
Particularly, the wizard itself consists of a couple of simple steps, following which you have to set necessary settings. But before using Import Wizard itself, you need to have .csv file for import.

People often ask - where can I get that file with information in order to run PrestaShop import from .csv smoothly?

Actually, there are 3 common ways to get that file:

1) If you need to update your existing products, which you already have at your store and sell for some time, you can export the products to the file and do the necessary changes in that file, for example edit quantity or description and then import it back.

2) Second way is to ask your supplier to provide you new updated information on your products along with PrestaShop new products you want to sell.

3) You can yourself create the file and fill it in with all information you need. But do not forget here about the fields required for Prestashop itself (Name, status, reference). If you need the example of properly organized .csv file, you can also export the products you already have at your store and you will have the sample of file.

Only after the information for PrestaShop bulk product upload is ready you can proceed with Import Wizard itself. Running it is easy task even for a newbie, since on every window you will see the useful tips with information on what you need to do here. Particularly, special attention should be paid to the steps of setting delimiters, assigning column of .csv to database fields and choosing import method.

Still don’t believe that it is so easy? Try out our Import Wizard and you will be fully convinced that PrestaShop import from .csv is absolutely approachable. For your convenience we specially created video that explains each step of the process. What is more, there is also a detailed overview with explanations of each step you need to take during import. Check both video and article here and see yourself how trouble-free is the process of PrestaShop bulk product upload -