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How to Make Bulk Updates Easily

Cut down your time spent on routine bulk updates simply using the most effective features of Store Manager for PrestaShop!
This powerful Store Manager will help you to perform your everyday tasks much easier and quicker. It will enable you to edit numerous products, product options, prices, images, orders and much more in one place and all at once.
Discover the variety of all embracing opportunities to make mass changes in a simple way yourself:

Make Mass Product Changes Easily and Swift

Use Mass Product Changer as the most effective tool for doing mass updates of prices, wholesale prices, discounts and other product information. With this Addon you need only a couple of minutes to do the work you’ve spent hours before.
Mass Product Changer window includes four tabs - Modifier, Advanced Modifier, Smart Price Options and Results. In the first tab you can make general changes like updating prices, wholesale prices and product quantity.
The second tab allows you to change settings of bulk product details: unit price, unit price ratio, quantity discount and other product information.
In the Smart Price Options tab you can reduce the price of selected products by the selected delta value, e.g. if you want prices to end on .97 set delta value as 0.03. Results tab is used to preview all changes made, to make final corrections.

Clone Bulk Products or Copy/Paste Them in a Clip of an Eye

Clone as many Products as you wish using Clone products button. You can also perform this task easily using an appropriate option in context menu of the products.

Multiply your Products as many times as you need simply using Copy and Paste options in context menu.  More than that you can select what product options  you want to copy and paste ticking appropriate boxes in Copy Data window that appears.

Delete Products or Clear Mass Product Data Most Comfortably

Delete mass products easily or  clear product data in the most convenient for you way. First, select the products and then press Delete Product button if you want to delete these products completely.  You can also choose Clear Product Data option  to tick particular items you want to delete.

Add Numerous Images to Products with One Movement

Save time on adding mass images to products. All you have to do is just select the images you need and drag-and-drop them into an image icon.

Assign Multiple Products to Categories in the Simplest Manner

Assign multiple products to categories using either an appropriate option in context menu or drag-and-drop technology.

Create and Change Numerous Product Combinations without a Hitch

Product Combination Generator allows to create combinations of product attributes for as many products as you need. You can find it in Product Attribute section in the Combination tab. First of all select the needed attributes and press Add. Then set Quantity, Price and Weight impact in the Product Attribute section and click on Generate button.

Use Mass Combination Changer to change combinations of product attributes for bulk products. Click Mass Combination Changer in the Combination tab and the user friendly interface window appears. First, all you have to do is to check the combinations you want to edit. Then use Price Modifier, Wholesale Price Modifier and Quantity Modifier to make all the needed updates and click on Apply. Increase/decrease current values using plus/minus sign.
Note: You can also use Attributes field as a filter to find the combinations you want to work with in the shortest period of time!

Import Multiple Products with Expressions Quickly and Safely

Perform Import of multiple Products with Expressions using the most friendly Products Import/Export Wizard. Start the tool by pressing the button in Products menu. The Wizard  allows to  edit Expression fields easily during the  .csv file import process. All you have to do is to enter an SQL expression in the Expresion field or in Expression Editor.

Make Innumerable Order Updates with no Effort

Improve your order management with numerous Store Manager functional opportunities to make bulk updates. Click on Order button in Menu to get to Order section. As soon as you are there you can benefit from all its features: print Invoices and Delivery Slips, update Order Statuses and export orders with the help of easy to follow Export Orders Wizard.

Use Addons to Increase Bulk Update Opportunities Even More!

Extend the opportunities to make bulk updates with most effective, interface friendly Store Manager Addons:
  • Automated Product Import - is a Store Manager extension which allows to automate PrestaShop product import from external sources into your online store and synchronize your inventory with your wholesale partner in a timely manner.
  • QuickBooks Integration - is a Store Manager for PrestaShop addon which allows you to export your PrestaShop products, customers and orders from your store to QuickBooks - well-known, powerful accounting software.
  • Peachtree Integration - allows to synchonize your shopping cart products, customers and orders with Peachtree by Sage that can give your business an edge with greater visibility, enhanced analytics, and streamlined processes.
  • eBay Integration - allows you to export your products from your store to eBay
ICEcat Product Catalogue Integration - is a Store Manager extension designed to synchronize your product descriptions and images with ICEcat product catalog.

Do your Bulk Updates easily and safe with most effective Store Manager for PrestaShop and its Addons!
Should you require any more information on PrestaShop Store Manager do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.