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Discover the Latest Updates of Store Manager for PrestaShop Version

In the new release of Store Manager for PrestaShop we have made a lot of useful improvements and corrections.
Check out these new enhancements that allow you to make your work with PrestaShop more convenient!


UPC field has been added to Products Data Grid. Now you can filter this field. Also you can edit it in Data Grid and in Inventory Tab.


- The issue with automated product import has been fixed. Previously, the message "able 'autoimport_db_prestashop.product_lang' doesn't exist" was shown during import process. Now, automated product import works properly;
- In the previous versions of Store Manager for PrestaShop, the Tags could not be removed from "Edit Product" window. Now you can delete Tags without any difficulties;
- There was an issue with Custom filters of the products. Formerly, filters reflected the data that did not correspond to the activated language;
- After the removal of the order, the quantity of entities could not be recalculated. Now, the quantity is displayed correctly;
- The formulas, that are used for the MySQL products import, could not properly carry out mathematical calculations, when decimal (comma) was used. Now all the calculations are made correctly;
- The notifications about new orders were not displayed in Store Manager. This issue has been corrected. Now you will be notified about new orders made at your store.