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Google Increases Snippet Length

In order to make a web search more convenient and effective, web search engines apply meta descriptions or “snippets”. These are short explanations used to help users understand if this or that search result is relevant to their queries. In most cases snippets are intended to entice a person on a page and keep them there for some time or download something or make a purchase etc.

Google snippet length reaches 230 characters

Recently Google announced to have increased meta description length to 230 characters, which previously made 160 characters:

“We recently made a change to provide more descriptive and useful snippets, to help people better understand how pages are relevant to their searches. This resulted in snippets becoming slightly longer, on average.”

This decision was taken with the aim of making meta descriptions more informative and helpful for users to better get the main point of a page content. Short snippets usually contained the key words and phrases often used in the web search, and their descriptiveness was rather minimal. In spite of all these advantages, a long meta description might discourage people of visiting your page. For example, your snippet may contain the very information they searched for or may seem to be too long to read.

Should I increase my snippets length?

It’s up to you to decide if you need to change your previous meta descriptions and apply this innovation in future or not. The effect depends on your aims, type of your content and your own views on the matter. Anyways, you should keep them both useful and enticing.

New Beta version of Amazon Integration is available for PrestaShop store owners!

eMagicOne team is glad to share new Amazon Integration Beta version ( for Store Manager for PrestaShop!

prestashop amazon details new beta

Integrate your Prestashop store with one of the worlds largest and most popular selling channels with ease, exporting and synchronizing product listings and arranging orders with no efforts.

Let us check what enhancements the new Beta version brings to users:


  • Shipping support has been implemented in current BETA version of Amazon Integration. Now, Settings tab allows to establish shipping methods when synchronizing products.

  • prestashop amazon shipping methods


  • Now, category list can be filtered when adding products to listing.

  • prestashop amazon category filter

  • Confirmation message has been added when deleting the account.

  • prestashop amazon deete account

  • Mapping products process has been improved with possibility to select all fields for association at one time. Also, mapping will take place according to the priority and availability of value in this field.
  • When adding products to listing, they can be automatically mapped to the existing ones on Amazon Marketplace.
  • There were visual changes made in plugin interface.
  • Inventory tab grid has been expanded with an option that allows to show calculated product price and quantity that will be synchronized with Amazon.
  • Fixes:

  • Suggested categories list selection has been fixed in current version of the addon.
  • "Details" link for listing logs has been enhanced. Now, it is shown for listings with all statuses, except for those, that have "Submitted" status.

  • prestashop amazon details listing logs

  • Previously, when deleting operation logs, not all related tables data was removed. The issue has been fixed.
  • Status of listings that have just been synchronized is now displayed properly.
  • An error that occured while checking formulas for prices set by the user has been fixed. Now, the regional parameters are correctly considered.

  • Important note

    Before the update of the addon, we recommend you to backup all Amazon Integration files to some local folder in case you want to roll back to older version of the addon. You can check the list of the details that need to be saved following article.

    In case you use previous Beta version of Amazon Addon (ver., it is enough to save listing configuration settings and AmazonIntegration.dll file (C:\%ProgramFiles% \eMagicOne\Store Manager for PrestaShop\Plugins\) to some local folder. To get back to previous Beta, follow the next steps:

    1. Go to Raw Table Editor section accessible in Tools section of Store Manager.
    2. Filter the tables related to Amazon addon among all the available ones.
    3. Highlight the filtered tables and launch to Script to Clipboard/Drop option in the context menu.

    4. prestashop amazon tables

    5. After that, proceed to Custom SQL tab, paste the tables and press Execute SQL button.

    6. prestshop amazon expression

    7. Close Store Manager and copy the previously saved old AmazonIntegration.dll file you have been using to C:\%ProgramFiles%\eMagicOne\Store Manager for PrestaShop\Plugins\.
    8. Load previously saved settings to the Amazon Integration.Load previously saved settings to the Amazon Integration.

    Once all the backups are saved, you may proceed with Amazon Integration Beta installation using this link - Download PrestaShop Amazon Integration addon.

    Current Amazon Integration Beta version is compatible with Store Manager starting from version If you are using older version of Store Manager, than it is specified and want to update Amazon addon to the version, you have to update the application first.

    *Amazon Integration is already built in Store Manager software and cannot be used without it. If you do not have Store Manager, try Trial version of the application and check all the possibilities of the addon and other functionality Store Manager offers.

    Limited Support on January, 1st

    Dear Customers,

    Please be advised that on Monday, January 1st eMagicOne will be providing limited support. If you have a question, please contact us via e-mail. Phone support and live chat will be temporarily unavailable.

    Your requests received during that day will be replied according to the queue.

    Your patience during this period is greatly appreciated. We will be back in full force and ready to help you on Tuesday, January 2nd at our usual support hours.

    Thank you for staying with us.

    During this period you will still have full access to your licenses. Besides, feel free to buy our software anytime at -


    eMagicOne Team.

    New Year, New Sale!

    Holiday greetings from eMagicOne company! We hope this year you had a great time and we wish you happiness, prosperity, and most importantly, lots of fun for the upcoming year!

    Thanks 2017!

    So, before we welcome 2018, here is a little flashback of what eMagicOne has achieved during the last year:

    • Added support of latest PrestaShop versions;
    • Introduced order import functionality from .csv and .txt files;
    • Implemented global shop selector for flexible and convenient data filtering per shop;
    • Optimized product copy/clone functionality;
    • Added possibility to print receipt via till printer;
    • Included PrestaShop category filter feature;
    • Introduced new lookbooks templates into PDF catalog creator addon;
    • Redesigned and improved eBay Integration addon;
    • Launched renewed version on Amazon Integration addon.

    This is only a snapshot of a few main features introduced this year in our PrestaShop solutions. Don’t you think that you have already missed out a lot? Don’t wait anymore. Give a try!

    Hello 2018!

    We have decided that there is no better way to welcome New Year than kicking off new sale! Start the new year with a new resolution! Spent less time on store handling and inventory updates with smart PrestaShop solutions at attractive prices!

    $50 voucher* storewide!

    Use This Chance

    To make use of this offer you have to:

    1. Add to cart your favourite products at our official website.
    2. * Make sure that minimal order total is more than $100.
    3. Apply promo code NEW-6QYD-YEAR to get $50 off your order!

    Celebration Time

    The promo will run for the next few days until Tuesday, January 2nd! So make sure you're not too late!

    See You in 2018!

    We do have some great surprises coming in 2018, so stay tuned.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday and a prosperous New Year full of incredible things ahead!

    Promo Details

    • 1 order = 1 coupon. Online redemption is required. Coupon is considered as redeemed when an order is completed, funds were charged and the license is generated. In case you apply coupon in the cart and do not complete checkout process, the discount won't be active once the usage is expired. Order is processed within a few minutes. In case your order has not processed yet, please place a new order (in case of duplicate, we will return the duplicated charged sum).
    • This code is not valid with other offers or discounts and cannot be combined with them.
    • The number of coupons is limited. The availability of codes one can check on our website https://www.
    • The discounts are time-limited and cannot be back-dated after they expire. Unused discounts are not refunded or returned in any way.
    • Discount does not apply to any services (only to products).

    Make The Impossible Possible… With Store Manager for PrestaShop (Interview)

    Today, eCommerce expert Oksana Semenyuk, CMO at eMagicOne, will try to give solutions to the most common issues that online store owners face worldwide. Oksana’s thoughts and experience can become very useful for online merchants dealing with daily store management routines.

    Q: So how long have you been in eCommerce?

    A: I started my journey in eCommerce in 2006 when our company designed the first Store Manager prototype for web platforms that were popular those days. Ever since that time I’ve been dealing with online websites and their owners, going through hard times with them and assisting them in their success.

    eMagicOne company has been working with PrestaShop for 8 years by now (since 2009) and during this time we have implemented an abundance of top-notch features with each new version of Store Manager. We’ve earned some of the highest honor in the industry - Store Manager was recognized as the Best Module at Barcamp 5, NY in 2012. We’ve been awarded as PrestaShop’s Favorite in 2016. We’re extremely proud to be the Loyal PrestaShop partner for 6 years this far (since 2011). What’s the most important, we’ve acquired thousands of clients, and this fact inspires us to grow and succeed.

    Q: Why Store Manager? What are your strong sides?

    A: The main point of our development progress is listening to customers. We are open to our clients and try to do things that seem impossible at first sight. That’s where our most valued features come from.

    For example, we have seen that customers have issues with mass editing like applying changes in bulk to run seasonal sales (discounted prices for limited period of time), make smart prices, like 9.99 or 1649 or create some discounts for tricky filtered items (e.g. use special prices before St. Patrick's day for all green goods). For the mentioned purposes we have introduced Mass Changer tool, and since that time we are constantly improving bulk updates functionality.

    I am convinced that lots of store owners face the same issues, so we try to think more complex solving such cases. As a result, we offer a scope of features that resolve tones of difficulties that all store owners face sooner or later.

    Those small but helpful features make customers choose our product again and again.

    Q: What is the most mind-blowing feature?

    A: The most mind-blowing feature is the ability to work offline, without the Internet. For example, flying between the continents or being on the ocean cruise you have plenty of free time. You can spend it focusing on your website, performing tasks like content creation or product editing, instead of wasting precious hours on movies and games. You should give it a try. It is really unbelievable experience.

    Q: What are the most common tasks handled with Store Manager?

    A: The most widely-used feature is data import/export. No matter if you’re migrating between versions, platforms or you’re syncing data from supplier, you face the issues related to file format and data structure.

    Unfortunately, when we’re talking about auto-generated files, they are very often formatted or even delimited improperly. In most cases, the supplier has no clue what PrestaShop file format is and often does not care about specific data format you need after all. So you get XML files or Excel file with improper format and you have no idea where to start from.

    Nevertheless, those spreadsheets with information should be pushed into PrestaShop. From our side, we should do everything possible to automate the process of data adjustment, upload and update.

    As for the export feature, it is mainly used to export data to another online store, eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, etc.

    With the help of Store Manager, you can set up multiple synchronization scenarios without any extra charges. No fee per transaction or period of usage. We offer one-time payment for lifetime usage.

    Q: What are your weak sides?

    A: First of all, I want to express gratitude to customers, who point us to the aspects that should be improved. The biggest barrier at the moment is MAC version. We have tons of requests concerning Store Manager for PrestaShop that can be used on MAC and we are finally moving towards Apple users. This year we have started its development, so more merchants will be able to use our software soon.

    Q: What are the most challenging requests from users right now?

    A: We are constantly receiving requests like “I want to import from the site by URL but have no access to the site data.“ or “How can I copy the whole website content to PrestaShop” or “I want to grab data from my old website.” Those requests were quite challenging for us, but we did our best to assist customers. Recently we’ve completed working on a tool for data scraping, so we will be able to handle those requests as well. So if you want to test it right now, please contact our support team.

    Q: What are the funniest cases you remember?

    A: Having at least 50 requests a day for many years, there is a place for some funny stories that happened with us and with our products. For example, there were some customers in the chat who asked us to stand on the chair and sing a song or something like that. And that was not the 1st of April.
    I’d say if you have a good sense of humor, and you’re doing your work with good mood and attitude, your customers feel that and answer you the same way.

    Q: What are your recommendations for store owners?

    A: Maintaining online store is a process, rather than a project. Think about automation all the time. If you have done the same task at least twice, you should consider if there’s any way to schedule it, setup cron job, apply a rule on a hook, event, etc. Stay focused on things that bring you sales and allow techs to take care about all the routine. This way success will be your final point.

    In the end, I want to say “thank you” to PrestaShop team and PrestaShop community for such a great opportunity to collaborate, go further and reach higher eCommerce goals.

    "Dealing with eCommerce projects as CMO, I see trends and opportunities every day, and I will gladly share them with you."

    "In love with eCommerce."

    Oksana Semenyuk,
    CMO at eMagicOne

    PrestaShop 101 Import Questions

    When it comes to PrestaShop import, a lot of questions and misunderstandings may appear. If you fail to perform it, there must be some nuance conflicting with the PrestaShop restrictions. In this article we are going to find solutions to most frequent errors and warning messages not allowing PrestaShop users to accomplish CSV import.

    Product Import

    Question 1: Where can I get a sample of a CSV file correct for PrestaShop import?

    Answer: Find Download Sample CSV files grid on the right side of the .csv import page.

    Question 2: "File type not allowed". From what files can I perform import?

    Answer: The file format you are trying to upload is not supported by PrestaShop. You can import exclusively CSV format files.

    XSL, TXT, ODF, PDF formats are not allowed.

    Question 3: How can I convert a document into CSV file?

    Answer: Open your document in a spreadsheet program, go to File - Save As - .csv (comma separated values).

    Question 4: What if my column names do not coincide with the database or suppliers names?

    Answer: In this case such columns will be ignored.

    Question 6: "Only UTF-8 and ISO 8859-1 encodings are allowed. You can also upload your file via FTP to the following directory:XXX"

    Answer: The file you are importing uses unappropriate encoding. PrestaShop allows only UTF-8 and ISO 8859-1 encodings. You can change encoding in Excel (File>Save as>Tools>Web Options>Encoding), Notepad++(Toolbar>Encoding) or Open Office spreadsheet (when opening the doc, the program asks you to choose the encoding).

    Question 7: "An error occurred while uploading / copying the file prestashop"

    Answer: If you came across this error, something is wrong with the place that you are copying the file to, or with the file itself. Check all warning messages, which have appeared on the import page. If you see this one: "The import directory must be writable (CHMOD 755/777)", ensure your permissions on import directory file are set to 755 or 777. To do this, go to your store admin folder and run "CHMOD 777 import" command. If the apache/nginx user coincides with the SSH user, run the command CHMOD 755 import in the lower line.

    In other cases, be sure to check the file you are trying to import:

    • it should have only CSV format;
    • it must be encoded by UTF-8 or ISO 8859-1;

    Question 8: "Property Product->customizable is not valid"
    "Property Product->description is not valid"
    "Property Product->ean13 is not valid"
    "Product (ID: X) cannot be saved"


    Answer: Errors of such kind occur, if your .csv file contains some incorrect data. Check all of the fields very attentively. Also ensure the columns of your .csv file and the destination columns, which can be previewed on the second step of PrestaShop CSV import coincide. Do not forget to put "1" in "Lines to skip" field for the first line containing the field names to be skipped.

    Another reason may be, that you have chosen a wrong import entity (i.e. Categories instead of Products etc.), that’s why your file columns do not coincide with the destination ones.

    Question 9: "Rewrite link X (ID: X) was rewritten as X" "Rewrite link for friendly-url-autogeneration-failed"

    Answer: Check "URL Rewritten" field in your .csv. It mustn’t contain spaces, capital letters or special characters. (i.e. product name iPhone 8 Black should be rewritten as iphone-8-black). Besides, you shouldn’t leave it blank.

    Question 10: "The category ID cannot be the same as the Root category ID or the Home category ID"

    Answer: Do not put any of your categories under ID1, as PrestaShop assigns it by default to Home category or Root category. You can ignore the destination ID column, if your file contains only category names without IDs.

    Question 11: "Two columns cannot have the same type of values"

    Answer: Check the destination columns on the second step of PrestaShop import. Any of the columns can have the same values. For example, if "Active (0/1)" or "Name" value is chosen in two columns, it will provoke the error.

    Question 12: How can I upload a downloadable product?

    Answer: There is no way to import a downloadable product to PrestaShop backend without any assisting applications. You need to use PrestaShop Batch Downloadable Product Module or use some other managing tools like PrestaShop Store Manager, which allows to upload any type of product in bulk.

    Question 13: Can I create a category while importing products?

    Answer: Yes, just specify its ID and name in the corresponding fields of the same .csv file.

    Question 14: Can I assign one product to more, than one category?

    Answer: Yes. Using this formula “Categories (x,y,z)” you can add the product to a few categories simply separating them by a comma. For example:

    Categories (x,y,z)
    Jewelry, Accessories

    Question 15: "No Name (ID:XX) cannot be saved"

    Answer: Specify the name of ID:XX category. Probably, the field is blank or contains special characters.

    Image Import

    Question 16: "Error copying image: XXX"

    Answer: The indicated root path or URL of XXX image is incorrect. Ensure you upload images from an internal folder of your FTP server. Besides, check if the separator coincides with the selected one on the import page. In case your supplier of manufacturer delivered you the file with external references to images, Store Manager for PrestaShop can import the images for you using this data.

    Question 17: How to upload a few images to one product?

    Answer: Enter the image URLs into the corresponding .csv field, separating them by selected multiple value separator.

    Question 18: How to get various sizes (base, thumbnail, mobile) of one product image during the products import?

    Answer: In PrestaShop admin panel go to Preferences> Images>Image generation. Here you are able to set the image sizes to be applied to furtherly imported images. PrestaShop will generate different sizes of image automatically. More on this here: PrestasShop Image Preferences

    Question 19: What image formats PrestaShop is compatible with?

    Answer: You can choose between two image formats - JPEG or PNG.

    Issues After the Import Is Finished

    Question 20: The import was accomplished successfully, however the products do not show up on the frontend.

    Answer: Most likely reason is that your cache is not cleared or the page was not re-indexed. These procedures are strongly recommended after applying any changes to you store.

    If you cleared the cache and fully re-indexed the page, but the products still do not appear at your shop, check the product quantity (minimum 1) and Active and Out of Stock values, which must be set as "1".

    In this article we tried to list the most frequent and annoying questions and issues preventing PrestaShop users from a smooth and quick CSV import. Even if their number is much bigger, the reasons causing import errors are mostly common: unsupported file format, wrong encoding, incorrect .csv values, missed separators etc. That means, that before searching help on PrestaShop forums or accusing the platform in bad performance, you should first check yourself. The process requires high attention and thoroughness, so double check your every step and every import detail. Besides, do not forget to backup your store database to ensure not losing or damaging any data.

    Please, contribute to this little guidance by specifying the issues you came across in comments to this article. We will try to help you out.

    In order to make your PrestaShop store management more convenient and effective, you need to use some additional assisting programs. PrestaShop Store Manager is a perfect store managing tool allowing to handle any store operation remotely and quickly. You can download a free trial version and use it for 30 days with no extra fees.

    Store Manager for PrestaShop Free Trial Version

    Ready, Set, Christmas!

    The countdown to Christmas has already started! eMagicOne company wishes you all the best for the upcoming holidays and offers you a great possibility to enhance your PrestaShop stores with innovative features and functionalities before you wrap for Christmas celebrations.