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Limited Support on June 28th

emagicone support hours

Dear Customers,

We want to inform you that on Wednesday, June 28th eMagicOne will be providing limited support.

If you have a question or problem, the best way to contact us for assistance will be via e-mail -
Please note, phone support and live chat will be unavailable.

Your requests to our help desk received during this day will be replied according to the queue. Though, it may take a bit longer than usual to get back to you with the support response.

Your patience during this period is greatly appreciated. We will be back in full force and ready to help you on Thursday, June 29th, when usual support hours resume.

Meanwhile, to smooth over this minor inconvenience, we would also like to remind you that our Anniversary promo will be available till July 10th at:

eMagicOne Team

eMagicOne Turns 5 - Celebrate With Us!

eMagicOne anniversary 5

These days our company celebrates its 5th birthday! This is a significant milestone for us and we are very happy to look back and recall what we have achieved so far!

The History

This is the 5th anniversary of company’s founding, however, we have been in business for more than 15 years.

During that time, we have developed lots of solutions, that made it easier for thousands of eCommerce merchants to manage their stores and grow them to successful businesses.

The Growth

It has been an eventful ride! We had many wonderful achievements over these 5 years and here are some of the highlights:

  • We have developed and maintained more than 10 projects (both desktop called Store Manager and native mobile called Mobile Assistant)
  • Our applications are translated into more than 30 different languages
  • We have written 1000+ useful articles, tutorial and how-tos
  • Received 10,000+ live feedbacks from our clients
  • Grown to serve community of more than 100,000+ active users
  • Updated billions of items using our software
  • Expanded from our development office (Ternopil, Ukraine) and opened HQ located in Plymouth, MN, US
  • Opened outsource department to satisfy the business needs of the most demanding clients
  • Re-designed our sites a few times to improve user experience
  • Our team has also grown through these years and now consists of 45 trully excellent eCommerce experts
  • Finally, we’ve just rolled-out a new service called eScraper that allows you to retrieve data from any website, compare prices, prepare ecommerce-friendly format and more.

The Future

We constantly move forward and work on some new projects to continue to innovate, expand and improve our software. We have more awesome products to reveal to you in the near future, so stay connected!

Thanks for being a part of our family! Without you, nothing of this would have been possible! You give us the confidence to grow and we will do our best to continue providing high quality products and services.

PrestaShop Day 2017: Recap from eMagicOne

Recently eMagicOne company has attended one of the biggest and the most important e-commerce events of the year - PrestaShop Day in Paris!

Amazing Paris

Paris have met us with unusual hit for this season (+29°C) and gave us a few sunny days to hang around and fall in love with the city. It was perfect time to celebrate 10th anniversary with PrestaShop community.


eMagicOne at PrestaShop Day

We were proud to be the official partner of the annual community meetup and present our Store Manager for PrestaShop solution there.

Thank you for the ability to speak to our customers and potential users. It is important for us to get live feedback on our work and to find more opportunities to become better.


270 000 PrestaShop-Powered Stores

Bruno Lévêque, the co-founder of PrestaShop, has announced the inspiring news: Prestashop was chosen by more than 270 000 stores and a platform for their online stores.


It was a memorable day filled with workshops, presentations, masterclasses, networking and discussions. The event brought together top digital marketers and online business owners from all across Europe. All of the activities during the day were inspired by present-day topics vitally important for the world of ebusiness.


PrestaShop HQ

We also have visited PrestaShop’s office and had a chance to see where magic happens :) Special thanks to Alexandre Eruimy and Valerio Martelli for the conversation and for showing us the place around. Your adorable cat made our day :)


This year PrestaShop turns 10! We have been happy to share the celebration with all eCommece professionals and industry leaders.

It was a great opportunity and an enjoyable experience! Keep up the good work!

We look forward to visiting future events!


Have you been able to attend? Share your impressions in the comments below.

Business Pack - A New Bundle for Your PrestaShop Store Management

eMagicOne company is proud to announce and present to you a new Business Pack! An ultimate set of licenses, integrations and extra services, wrapped together into one complete bundle for your PrestaShop inventory management at an amazing price.

One Powerful Package: What's Included?

For maximum savings and convenience of large PrestaShop-based enterprises, the Business Package comes with following entities included FREE in this suite:

  • 1 Store Manager for PrestaShop PRO Primary license
  • 3 Store Manager for PrestaShop PRO Additional licenses
  • 4 addons to integrate with eBay and Amazon marketplaces, ease accounting using
  • QuickBooks and create printable PDF Lookbooks with your products
  • 2 hours of personal training to for an easy start with the app
  • 2 hours of dedicated tech support provided by tech engineer to assist you with settings

Buy a Pack and Get Over $700 in Savings

Currently, Business Pack is available at the early-bird price - $999!

If you order the same products separately, the total will be $1768:

  • 1 Primary license, PRO edition ($349)
  • 3 Additional licenses, PRO edition (3*$149)
  • 4 addons (4*$119)
  • 2 hours of personal training (2*$149)
  • 2 hours of technical assistance (2*$99)

So purchasing a bundle you get a discount of $769!

Please note, the price of the package will be changed to $1299 soon.

So hurry up to get Business Pack at the best price! FaceLift

Have you visited Store Manager for PrestaShop website lately? If so, you may have noticed that it looks a little bit different.

eMagicOne Team is proud to present to you our newly redesigned website. If you have not checked it out yet, welcome to!

We have made a few changes to ensure that your experience at our website is more intuitive and friendly.

Visual Changes

The first big change you might notice is our new site navigation. We have improved our menus and landing pages to better showcase our products. We wanted our users to be able to find, at a glance, what they’re looking for.

We hope you enjoy comfortably navigating through the site no matter what platform, screen size, or device you are using.

Better Search

We have got a lot of articles and how-to’s on the site to help customers get familiar with the app and perform operations easier, so finding the exactly needed guide could be difficult.

We have paid attention to that and nested filter option in ‘Useful Articles’ section. We hope this will make your visits to the site more productive.

Easier Checkout

For the past years, we relied on RegNow as our primary payment processor. Now we have implemented PayPal Express payment option to make checkout process using PayPal or credit/debit card easier than before. Additionally, now purchases of Store Manager Standard or PRO editions are VAT-free.

Our Future ‘To-Do’ List

Enjoy the changes, and keep an eye on more improvements in the future. Let us know what you think about our renewed website. We definitely look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Redesign of our website was a team effort and we still work on all the aspects and issues that arrived after the facelift. We would be really grateful if you help us improve our website on the basis of your feedback.

In return we provide you a reward: 5% off right away - EMAG-YVE8-JRPL
and +5% for each reported and confirmed issue/bug* found at our website OR +1% for each typo.

*Issue/bug is the problem at the site like, for example, broken link, no image or incorrect button.

So drop us a line with your comments at

Update PrestaShop Products Any Time from Your Android Device

Mobile Assistant application lets PrestaShop merchant stay connected to their stores twenty-four hours a day, monitoring business performance, viewing the latest statistics and being constantly notified about the latest changes.

Recently it has been enhanced with another remarkable feature, each and every store owner will benefit from. The possibility to implement PrestaShop product edits, added to Mobile Assistant, makes it possible to update the catalog right from your Android device (smartphone or tablet) without accessing the Admin panel.

Product editing option is available in Mobile Assistant application starting from version 3.1.4. In order to access this feature, you should have Mobile Assistant Connector v.1.4.2. If you are using the version older than this, update the module in PrestaShop Admin.

What Updates Can Be Implemented from Mobile

PrestaShop Mobile Assistant allows you to implements the following edits:

  • change PrestaShop product status (enable or disable products)
  • rename your store products or change their references
  • update product price
  • change tax rule
  • upload PrestaShop product images stored on a mobile device

  • image upload from prestashop mobile assistant

  • manage product description and product short description
  • handle universal item codes (ISBN, EAN-13, JAN, UPC)

  • image upload from prestashop mobile assistant

  • or fill in these codes scanning them directly from Mobile Assistant
update prestashop products from mobile

How to Update PrestaShop Products on Mobile?

PrestaShop product update runs in several simple steps from Mobile Assistant. Proceed with the following actions:

  1. Launch the application on Android and select "Product" option in the menu.

  2. prestashop mobile assistant

  3. Select a product to be updated and click "Edit" icon in the bottom right corner of your mobile screen.

  4. prestashop product edit from mobile

  5. Input updates to necessary fields and click "Apply" button on the top to save changes in PrestaShop Mobile Assistant.

Please note, Product Update is a paid option built-in Mobile Assistant. There are two plans available - product editing for one year, that allows you to update products from Android for one year and permanent product editing.

To unlock PrestaShop product editing on mobile, navigate to "In-app Products" in Application Settings, select the plan you prefer and accomplish payment. The option will be enabled and you can proceed with updates.

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eMagicOne Celebrates Store Manager for PrestaShop 8th Anniversary

Another year has passed and eMagicOne approaches to another milestone. This week marks a remarkable event for us, the 8th anniversary since the first copy of PrestaShop Store Manager was sold.

prestashop sale anniversary

That was just a starting point and afterwards Store Manager became a rocket with popularity on upward trajectory. It has been an astounding run, lasting nine full years and we hope will be doing its best further.

The application evolved to meet the changing needs of eCommerce business. Within this time we’ve implemented abundance of top-notch new features within each new version of Store Manager. We’ve earned some of the highest honor in the industry - Store Manager was recognized as Best Module at Barcamp 5, NY in 2012. We’ve been awarded as PrestaShop’s Favorite in 2016. And we’re proud to be Loyal PrestaShop partner since 2011. What’s the most important, we’ve acquired thousands of clients, inspiring us to grow and succeed.

In Numbers: Facts about Store Manager on 8th Anniversary


The number of official releases delivered to Store Manager community users.


The figure stands for the number of new features that have been implemented to Store Manager.


The amount of improvements, Store Manager has been enhanced with, during these 9 years.


The number of languages Store Manager is translated to completely or translation is in progress.


The number of addons, coming with Store Manager, using which you can fulfill integration with accounting software, additional sales channels and help automate daily tasks.

=800 000=

The number of products, the largest PrestaShop store, managed with Store Manager includes.


The number of Facebook likes we got from users.

=35 648=

The number of customer requests handled over this time.

Our ongoing growth wouldn’t be a success without the support of our valued and loyal users. We’d like to express gratitude to all of you in honour of Store Manager birthday.

Thank you for staying with us!