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How to Create PrestaShop Orders via POS (Point-of-Sale) [Video]

PrestaShop POS feature of Store Manager application helps you instantly create orders, use hotkeys to fill in necessary fields, supports barcode scanner and makes overall order handling more efficient.

PrestaShop order creation in POS

The video tutorial below demonstrates how PrestaShop POS works, what way products can be added to orders, how to calculate change, how to apply coupons, etc.

In order to launch point-of-sale window, navigate to Store->Point of Sale or press F11 hotkey. Further you are supposed to proceed with the following actions:

  1. Add necessary product or products to order.
  2. Product can be added to order in several ways:
    • you can enable search through any product fields (like reference, condition, date available, description, status, product ID, price, visibility and other);
    • you can scan its code using barcode reader;
    • you can expand entire list of products in POS and select necessary items
  3. Assign customer selecting it from the dropdown list in Customer info section.
  4. On condition that desired customer does no exist at PrestaShop database, you can create it directly from POS window.
  5. Specify delivery and payment methods.
  6. Assign status for current order in PrestaShop POS window.
  7. In case discount should be applied to current order total, select necessary one from Coupon code dropdown.
  8. There is a set additional options, like "Cash and Change", "Search Product", "Create and Stay", "Create and Exit", "Create and Print" below on the toolbar. These allow you calculate change, create and print invoices directly from PrestaShop POS window, create orders and stay in point-of-sale window for next order, etc.
  9. Finish order creating in point-of-sale pressing "Create and Stay", "Create and Exit" or "Create and Print".

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Use Store Manager for PrestaShop to generate PrestaShop specific prices for multiple products instantly.

How to Generate PrestaShop Specific Prices [Video]

PrestaShop specific price allows you to quickly create price reductions using various conditions. You can configure percentage or amount price-offs to a specific customer group, keep a sale for a specific timeframe, limit it per specific shop or generate discounts based upon the number of products, added to cart.

bulk assign prestashop products to categories

In this way one and the same product in PrestaShop may acquire multitude of specific prices and the video below demonstrates how to generate discounts massively.

Store Manager for PrestaShop offers you several methods of adding specific prices: creating catalog price rules, assign discounts via import or use price generator, as this video shows.

PrestaShop specific price generator facilitates quick creation of price reductions for multiple selected products in the following way:

  1. Select products to generate PrestaShop specific prices for.
  2. Access Generators options on product toolbar.
  3. Select Add Specific Price for Selected Product(s) option from the dropdown.

  4. bulk assign prestashop specific prices

  5. Configure settings in PrestaShop specific price edit window.

  6. bulk assign prestashop specific prices

    • Assign price to specific shop, country, customer group or select specific customer.
    • Determine timeframe for current specific price.
    • Specify what number of items customer should add to cart for price to apply in case you create quantity based discounts.
    • Input discount value and type (amount/percentage)
  7. Save discount to get it applied.

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Use Store Manager for PrestaShop to generate PrestaShop specific prices for multiple products instantly.

Generate Fascinating Product Collections with PrestaShop PDF LookBooks

PrestaShop PDF brochures compose product collections, you attach to mail-outs, use within seasonal campaigns or distribute to your regular customers. Anyway the aim is to inspire your clients, make them view these collections offline and direct them to purchase.

prestashop pdf lookbooks

To beget customer interest and win them over, you should create good-looking portfolio. This mission is impossible without fascinating catalog templates. To better meet your needs and help you draw audience attention, PDF Catalog Creator for PrestaShop was enriched with new lookbook templates.

Experience the Power of PrestaShop PDF Lookbooks

  1. Generate themed catalogs for various product assortments: fashion, furniture, householding, technical, etc
  2. Showcase product essentials to better describe what you are selling
  3. Create top quality digital publications
  4. Adjust lookbook details, change template details, color, text and visibility of elements

prestashop pdf lookbooks

PrestaShop PDF lookbooks of Catalog Creator addon are indispensable advertising and sales tools that help you represent multiple product collections in sumptuous way.

Shortly on PDF Catalog Creator

PDF Catalog Creator is a comprehensive tool used by PrestaShop store owners to create, distribute and print out digital product booklets in several simple steps. Being approachable in usage, it is packed with stunning feature set. Short feature overview provides you better understanding of what PDF Catalog Creator is capable of

  • organize multiple brochures with product collections for customers, suppliers or events
  • rearrange listings in the catalogs via drag-and-drop
  • update product details (price, image, etc) in PrestaShop PDF catalogs created earlier
  • access standard PDF templates and enhanced PrestaShop PDF lookbooks
  • print portfolios directly from PrestaShop PDF Creator addon
  • upload printable copies on FTP
prestashop pdf lookbooks

Visit this page to find more details on PDF Catalog Creator - PrestaShop PDF Catalog Creator

Please note, in order to PDF Catalog Creator, you should have Store Manager for PrestaShop application installed.

Convert your PDF brochures into professionally looking publication falling back on PDF Catalog Creator and its lookbooks.

PrestaShop Automated Product Import Gone Free

Unexpected surprise for PrestaShop store owners!

Today eMagicOne is thrilled to announce that Automated Product Import addon of Store Manager for PrestaShop becomes a free product. Driven by the desire to accelerate business tasks performance and make our products more accessible we eliminate its price and offer it as a built-in feature of Store Manager application.

This considerable change has been introduced in the recent release of Store Manager for PrestaShop v. Whenever you are using this version (or newer) of Store Manager application, you get Automated Product Import registered and no further charges are required. You get access to addon functionality and can set scheduled product updates or uploads without any limitations.

If you are using the older (than version of the main application, you need to update to v. (or newer) to take benefit from Automated Product Import functionality free.

Functional Capabilities

Automated Product Import is a great tool that enhances data management and fulfills automation of routine daily tasks. Here is the list of its functional capabilities, you might find convenient:

  • the addon allows to set up numerous independent scheduled tasks, performed at specified time
  • it is possible to use .csv, .xml, .xls/.xlsx, ods, .txt files when creating import tasks
  • file data adjustments can be implemented right in the process of import setup by means of expressions
  • regular catalog uploads and updates help you maintain PrestaShop inventory, imagery, pricing, product combinations, customizations, etc
  • multiple supplier cooperation is being accomplished swimmingly (using local files provided by suppliers, HTTP URLs to the file or FTP paths)

To get more details on Automated Product Import product visit this page -

Please note, in order to use Automated Product Import, set scheduled PrestaShop updates or uploads, you should have Store Manager for PrestaShop application installed.

Beside the advantages that relate to batch data uploads performed via this addon, you get access to free Automated Product Export, since automated import and export functionalities are merged into one addon. Follow the link to learn more about PrestaShop Automated Product Export -

How to Bulk Assign PrestaShop Products to Categories [Video]

PrestaShop categories let you classify your products, smartly arrange them within your store and allow customers quickly access merchandise they are looking for.

bulk assign prestashop products to categories

Not infrequently you have uncategorized products and want to place them to definite category/subcategory, at times you need to set numerous category associations or change them for multiple products. Below you can find the video tutorial exactly showing how to manage categories for numerous items in the quickest way possible.

The subject of this video is bulk PrestaShop assign of categories with Store Manager for PrestaShop. Why might it be convenient for store owners? Here are some points:

  • there is built-in 'Assign categories' option;
  • there is a possibility to quickly reveal items without category reference;
  • 'Assign categories' option lets assign or re-assign categories

In our case there are some items, that have been uploaded to PrestaShop, but no category has been indicated for them. Let see how bulk assign of categories fulfilled.

  1. Select 'Show all grouped filter' to retrieve all the products you have at store.

  2. prestashop product filter

  3. Filter these products by 'Category' column heading to see all the products without category.

  4. products without category in prestashop

  5. Select all the items missing category and press 'Assign Category' option on the toolbar or in the product context menu to access category tree.

  6. prestashop category assign option

  7. Check boxes for categories or subcategories to assign chosen products to and save updates.

Store Manager simplifies catalog handling and let you bypass most of daily routines by automating them.

Use Store Manager for PrestaShop to bulk PrestaShop assign of categories.

eMagicOne’s Birthday

The beginning of July marks the birthday time for eMagicOne! One more year has passed since the company has opened the doors and we can proudly state that growing old does only good to us.

These past years were incredible. We are very happy to look back and recall what we have achieved so far!

We have not only built a range of helpful Store Manager desktop applications for multiple e-shopping platforms already used by more than 100,000 users, but also have implemented top-notch features for PrestaShop store management like:
  • Mass data adjustments using Multi Editors in 2 clicks - for seasonal sales, offers, etc.
  • Import of any Excel, xml, csv, txt file you have (no limitations)
  • Adding orders via POS with barcode scanner support (for offline stores)
  • Print of barcode labels
  • Automation of recurring tasks with schedulers to stay up-to-date
  • Diagnostics of your store for missing images, broken products, etc and ability to find solution
  • and many more!

This is special day for us and we would like to invite all of our loyal customers as well as new clients and interested visitors to celebrate this anniversary with us.

Thank You for These Amazing Years

Looking back at these past few years, we would like to thank you all for your feedbacks, suggestions, criticism, comments and kind words that have been invaluable to eMagicOne’s development and achievements. They help us grow.

Plans Ahead

We hope to continue improving our products’ quality with new updates, offer you more tutorials (both articles and videos), and provide the best level of support & services to you for many years to come!

We are so proud of where we’ve come so far, and even more excited about where we’re headed. Stay tuned for more great things to come!

Share Your Story

You know our story, now we want to hear yours. How our solutions helped you manage your business? Do you have a favorite moment with our extensions you want to share? Leave a comment in section below or use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ with #eMagicOne. We’d love to read them.

eMagicOne Team

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emagicone store manager review

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