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Official PrestaShop Store Manager Blog FaceLift

Have you visited Store Manager for PrestaShop website lately? If so, you may have noticed that it looks a little bit different.

eMagicOne Team is proud to present to you our newly redesigned website. If you have not checked it out yet, welcome to!

We have made a few changes to ensure that your experience at our website is more intuitive and friendly.

Visual Changes

The first big change you might notice is our new site navigation. We have improved our menus and landing pages to better showcase our products. We wanted our users to be able to find, at a glance, what they’re looking for.

We hope you enjoy comfortably navigating through the site no matter what platform, screen size, or device you are using.

Better Search

We have got a lot of articles and how-to’s on the site to help customers get familiar with the app and perform operations easier, so finding the exactly needed guide could be difficult.

We have paid attention to that and nested filter option in ‘Useful Articles’ section. We hope this will make your visits to the site more productive.

Easier Checkout

For the past years, we relied on RegNow as our primary payment processor. Now we have implemented PayPal Express payment option to make checkout process using PayPal or credit/debit card easier than before. Additionally, now purchases of Store Manager Standard or PRO editions are VAT-free.

Our Future ‘To-Do’ List

Enjoy the changes, and keep an eye on more improvements in the future. Let us know what you think about our renewed website. We definitely look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Redesign of our website was a team effort and we still work on all the aspects and issues that arrived after the facelift. We would be really grateful if you help us improve our website on the basis of your feedback.

In return we provide you a reward: 5% off right away - EMAG-YVE8-JRPL
and +5% for each reported and confirmed issue/bug* found at our website OR +1% for each typo.

*Issue/bug is the problem at the site like, for example, broken link, no image or incorrect button.

So drop us a line with your comments at

Update PrestaShop Products Any Time from Your Android Device

Mobile Assistant application lets PrestaShop merchant stay connected to their stores twenty-four hours a day, monitoring business performance, viewing the latest statistics and being constantly notified about the latest changes.

Recently it has been enhanced with another remarkable feature, each and every store owner will benefit from. The possibility to implement PrestaShop product edits, added to Mobile Assistant, makes it possible to update the catalog right from your Android device (smartphone or tablet) without accessing the Admin panel.

Product editing option is available in Mobile Assistant application starting from version 3.1.4. In order to access this feature, you should have Mobile Assistant Connector v.1.4.2. If you are using the version older than this, update the module in PrestaShop Admin.

What Updates Can Be Implemented from Mobile

PrestaShop Mobile Assistant allows you to implements the following edits:

  • change PrestaShop product status (enable or disable products)
  • rename your store products or change their references
  • update product price
  • change tax rule
  • upload PrestaShop product images stored on a mobile device

  • image upload from prestashop mobile assistant

  • manage product description and product short description
  • handle universal item codes (ISBN, EAN-13, JAN, UPC)

  • image upload from prestashop mobile assistant

  • or fill in these codes scanning them directly from Mobile Assistant
update prestashop products from mobile

How to Update PrestaShop Products on Mobile?

PrestaShop product update runs in several simple steps from Mobile Assistant. Proceed with the following actions:

  1. Launch the application on Android and select "Product" option in the menu.

  2. prestashop mobile assistant

  3. Select a product to be updated and click "Edit" icon in the bottom right corner of your mobile screen.

  4. prestashop product edit from mobile

  5. Input updates to necessary fields and click "Apply" button on the top to save changes in PrestaShop Mobile Assistant.

Please note, Product Update is a paid option built-in Mobile Assistant. There are two plans available - product editing for one year, that allows you to update products from Android for one year and permanent product editing.

To unlock PrestaShop product editing on mobile, navigate to "In-app Products" in Application Settings, select the plan you prefer and accomplish payment. The option will be enabled and you can proceed with updates.

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eMagicOne Celebrates Store Manager for PrestaShop 8th Anniversary

Another year has passed and eMagicOne approaches to another milestone. This week marks a remarkable event for us, the 8th anniversary since the first copy of PrestaShop Store Manager was sold.

prestashop sale anniversary

That was just a starting point and afterwards Store Manager became a rocket with popularity on upward trajectory. It has been an astounding run, lasting nine full years and we hope will be doing its best further.

The application evolved to meet the changing needs of eCommerce business. Within this time we’ve implemented abundance of top-notch new features within each new version of Store Manager. We’ve earned some of the highest honor in the industry - Store Manager was recognized as Best Module at Barcamp 5, NY in 2012. We’ve been awarded as PrestaShop’s Favorite in 2016. And we’re proud to be Loyal PrestaShop partner since 2011. What’s the most important, we’ve acquired thousands of clients, inspiring us to grow and succeed.

In Numbers: Facts about Store Manager on 8th Anniversary


The number of official releases delivered to Store Manager community users.


The figure stands for the number of new features that have been implemented to Store Manager.


The amount of improvements, Store Manager has been enhanced with, during these 9 years.


The number of languages Store Manager is translated to completely or translation is in progress.


The number of addons, coming with Store Manager, using which you can fulfill integration with accounting software, additional sales channels and help automate daily tasks.

=800 000=

The number of products, the largest PrestaShop store, managed with Store Manager includes.


The number of Facebook likes we got from users.

=35 648=

The number of customer requests handled over this time.

Our ongoing growth wouldn’t be a success without the support of our valued and loyal users. We’d like to express gratitude to all of you in honour of Store Manager birthday.

Thank you for staying with us!

Easter Opening Hours of eMagicOne Support Team

happy easter from emagicone

Easter holidays roll around! Are you wondering when we will be open? There is nothing more frustrating than trying to reach some company for help and finding out that it is closed without any notice informing you about that.

So here are our opening hours during this festive period:
Good Friday April, 14th - Open
Easter Weekend (Saturday April, 15th - Sunday April, 16th) - Closed
Monday April, 17th - Closed
Tuesday April, 18th - Friday April, 21st - Open

If any questions occur during the days we are closed, you can mail them to us and they will be answered in the first place, when we return to our usual operation hours (on Tuesday April, 18th).

Meanwhile, to smooth over this minor inconvenience, we would also like to remind you that our Easter promo will be available till April 17th. So if you have not made use of it yet, this week is high time to save some money, applying our 15% discount code EMAG-E9FS-ESTR here -

For all clients who celebrate Easter, we wish you happy holiday!



Renovated PrestaShop eBay Integration Addon is Officially Available

Great news for PrestaShop merchants!

eMagicone Team is incredibly excited to announce the debut of renovated PrestaShop eBay Integration module. We have been working hand-in-hand to develop refurbished version of the application with significant features and improvements, that will help you join world famous marketplace, sell internationally and increase the number of potential customers.

prestashop ebay integration module

Having successfully gone through the Beta stage of its development, eBay Integration addon v. for PrestaShop is officially available. You can download version by this link - Download PrestaShop eBay Integration addon

*PrestaShop eBay Integration module is compatible with Store Manager starting from version If you are using the older version of Store Manager than this, but want to update eBay Integartion addon to version, update the application first.

Please note, PrestaShop eBay Integration module is available in Store Manager in demo mode. Therefore you can process limited number of products. For testing purpose you are allowed to manage up to 10 items only. More details about the addon is available by this link -

We recommend to backup your current version of eBay Integration addon in case you need to roll it back. Follow this link to find out how to backup the addon, update to the newest version and revert back to the older version if needed -

Here is the list of new facilities and improvements this version delivers to PrestaShop users:


  1. Product listing option has been added. You can create multiple listings with PrestaShop products and use them for export/synchronization in eBay Integration addon.

  2. prestashop ebay integration module

  3. Operation logs, displaying recent activity, are now available in eBay Integration addon.

  4. prestashop ebay integration module

  5. Shipping Rate Tables support has been added to eBay Integration addon.

  6. There have been added the options to re-export/re-synchronize products from listings in case of last export/synchronization failure.

  7. List of products that have not been exported from PrestaShop to eBay or synchronized respectively can be accessed in product grid through "eBay Failed Products", available in filter dropdown. The filter will appear in Store Manager if you click "Show products in Store Manager" link in the addon "Recent Operations" list.


  1. More flexible order filter options are now available in eBay Integration addon. It allows to quickly adjust conditions and select orders you would like to import from eBay to the online store.
  2. import ebay orders to prestashop

  3. Lists of detailed export/synchronize configurations have been implemented. Now you can see additional information, such as configuration name, listing name, number of products, right in the configuration list.
  4. prestashop ebay integration module

  5. Possibility to export only new products from eBay listing has been added.

  6. Any issue, occurring in the course of product export to eBay or synchronization, will be recorded to logs, the procedure of export/synchronization will not stop.

  7. Category mapping validation has been added. If store categories are not mapped to eBay categories, there will come notifying message asking to associate them.

  8. prestashop ebay integration category mapping


  1. Shipping cost calculation in the process of order import from eBay has been fixed.
  2. The width of category dropdown list on category mapping step corresponds to column width by default.
  3. All operation logs can be deleted at once in eBay Integration addon.
  4. Specifics for all categories are now displayed on “Select Category Settings” step in the addon.
  5. Product quantity and status fields are set by default on synchronization options step in eBay Integration addon.
  6. It is possible now to launch eBay Integration addon after products have been added to the listing from Store Manager grid. You can choose how to continue work: just add some products to listing or add products to listings and launch the addon afterwards.

*Known issue:

Payment methods do not display correctly during orders import from eBay for Presta v. 1.7.X

**eBay Integration is Store Manager for PrestaShop addon and can't be used as a standalone product. If you still do not have Store Manager, run free trial to experience eBay Integration addon and other Store Manager functional possibilities.

How to Create PrestaShop Orders via POS (Point-of-Sale) [Video]

PrestaShop POS feature of Store Manager application helps you instantly create orders, use hotkeys to fill in necessary fields, supports barcode scanner and makes overall order handling more efficient.

PrestaShop order creation in POS

The video tutorial below demonstrates how PrestaShop POS works, what way products can be added to orders, how to calculate change, how to apply coupons, etc.

In order to launch point-of-sale window, navigate to Store->Point of Sale or press F11 hotkey. Further you are supposed to proceed with the following actions:

  1. Add necessary product or products to order.
  2. Product can be added to order in several ways:
    • you can enable search through any product fields (like reference, condition, date available, description, status, product ID, price, visibility and other);
    • you can scan its code using barcode reader;
    • you can expand entire list of products in POS and select necessary items
  3. Assign customer selecting it from the dropdown list in Customer info section.
  4. On condition that desired customer does no exist at PrestaShop database, you can create it directly from POS window.
  5. Specify delivery and payment methods.
  6. Assign status for current order in PrestaShop POS window.
  7. In case discount should be applied to current order total, select necessary one from Coupon code dropdown.
  8. There is a set additional options, like "Cash and Change", "Search Product", "Create and Stay", "Create and Exit", "Create and Print" below on the toolbar. These allow you calculate change, create and print invoices directly from PrestaShop POS window, create orders and stay in point-of-sale window for next order, etc.
  9. Finish order creating in point-of-sale pressing "Create and Stay", "Create and Exit" or "Create and Print".

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Use Store Manager for PrestaShop to generate PrestaShop specific prices for multiple products instantly.

How to Generate PrestaShop Specific Prices [Video]

PrestaShop specific price allows you to quickly create price reductions using various conditions. You can configure percentage or amount price-offs to a specific customer group, keep a sale for a specific timeframe, limit it per specific shop or generate discounts based upon the number of products, added to cart.

bulk assign prestashop products to categories

In this way one and the same product in PrestaShop may acquire multitude of specific prices and the video below demonstrates how to generate discounts massively.

Store Manager for PrestaShop offers you several methods of adding specific prices: creating catalog price rules, assign discounts via import or use price generator, as this video shows.

PrestaShop specific price generator facilitates quick creation of price reductions for multiple selected products in the following way:

  1. Select products to generate PrestaShop specific prices for.
  2. Access Generators options on product toolbar.
  3. Select Add Specific Price for Selected Product(s) option from the dropdown.

  4. bulk assign prestashop specific prices

  5. Configure settings in PrestaShop specific price edit window.

  6. bulk assign prestashop specific prices

    • Assign price to specific shop, country, customer group or select specific customer.
    • Determine timeframe for current specific price.
    • Specify what number of items customer should add to cart for price to apply in case you create quantity based discounts.
    • Input discount value and type (amount/percentage)
  7. Save discount to get it applied.

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Use Store Manager for PrestaShop to generate PrestaShop specific prices for multiple products instantly.